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Found 21 results

  1. I'd just like to know what you think. I would go for the obvious one - Butterflies and Hurricanes. Just amazing!
  2. and consequently that got you hooked in the first place.Mines was New Born way back in 2001.I then heard Bliss a few days later on a music channel and thought yeah thats damn good too and oh look its the same band.Then the shock took over when i heard plug in baby which i must have missed when it first came out and was hooked for life!!awesome video and i havent loked back since.
  3. I've always kinda wondered, because the lyrics of Citizen Erased sound like he prolly did at some point in time.
  4. I had this weird dream that Muse broke up! Well it wasn't a dream, it was a nightmare!!! So... What would you do if Muse broke up!? And what do you think Matt, Chris & Dom would do if they did split?
  5. I reckon all of these guys should get together one day and jam Muse songs. Vocals: http://www.youtube.com/user/dairong (great cover of Falling Away With You) Guitar: http://www.youtube.com/user/semper0fi Bass: http://www.youtube.com/user/FuryMuso Drums: http://www.youtube.com/user/mrmadadam Didn't really find any good complete bands though. Any suggestions? EDIT: And this guy on spoons!! --->
  6. Who likes Escape from the first album? I absolutely love it, especially the live version from Bizarre '99 http://youtube.com/watch?v=ah15AKIIMfw I was reading through musewiki (as you do ) and stumbled across the possible interpretations of this song: 1. About a man who is questioning himself about his actions to his loved one which may caused her to leave him and bring depression to the man. In the end, he now believes his life is meaningless and insignificance and there's no one that can change his view on it. He then now chooses to Escape his life by killing himself. 2. Possibly a song about the divorce of Bellamy's parents. The line "Why can't you just love her?" could be Bellamy begging his dad to stay with his mom. "But I'll still take all the blame" could be a reference to how children feel it is their fault when their parents get divorced. Does anyone else agree with any of these? Or do you have you own interpretation? To me, this is probably the most raw, emotional performance I've ever seen, and on another note, after going through some of their older EP's & B-sides, I'm beginning to see how different it is to their new BHAR stuff - which I now understand why some weren't too happy with BHAR Thoughts?
  7. Guest

    Muse Fans vs McFly fans

    Ok me and my mates have been arguing two days straight about the fans of the above bands. we have come to the conclusion so far that Muse fans are much maturer and seem to be much older where its quite the opposite for McFly fans, they seem to all hate each other BUT heres the million dollar question The big debate between me and my friends Which fans are louder at gigs? when your singing along, which fans are louder, muse fans or McFly ones? Just a nice topic to debate, try not to be too biased, all aspects should be considered, i mean McFly fans are like 10 year old girls who think they know rock when they listen to bands such as Girls Allowed
  8. sorry but it has to be done. Its funny to c what people say. Best muse songs people bring it on!! I have to say plug in baby, dead star, in ur world, SS, ok this could go on 4eva!! Noooooooooooooo!
  9. Well the title was going to be a big Matthew Bellamy's hands are sexy rave fest, but. Matthew Bellamy's hands are incredibly sexy. I think I may have developed some sort of fetish from staring at his hands. They're all long and spindly. They're perfect for playing to guitar. My hands are tiny and feeble and I can't even reach the freaking strings. AHHH HIS HANDS ARE SO PRETTY I like Thom Yorke just as much but his hands are all stocky even though he himself is a twig. I wish I had Matthew Bellamy hands.
  10. Hey people, This has probably been posted before, but I lack the wit to search the forums for replies. I went on holiday to Crete last year with Muse on my iPod, providing me with many deep moments as I sat on the "philosophical rock" contemplating life and the Universe (I'd never istened to them before to be honest). Now I'm not saying Muse are all played out (I still listen to them) but for this years holiday, I'm looking for a similar experience. I suppose it's hard because Muse are somewhat unique in sound, but can anyone suggest some new music that would sit well with me on this years Philosophical Rock? I appreciate your answers. Robin
  11. So... I know all of the comparisons between this song and Depeche Mode... but I wonder. Has anyone noticed that one of the voices that sings "Loneliness be over" actually sounds like the guy from Depeche Mode? I just wondered if anyone noticed that, or if I'm crazy.
  12. Well, I know that there is a top 5 thread, but 5 favorite muse songs doesn´t cover it for me. I just love too many songs! And top ten doesn´t do it, either... so what would be your top twenty?
  13. ok, so im a HUGE muse fan, but i love Radiohead too. the first muse song i heard (which was years back) was time is running out on K-Rock. and i thought to myself, "Wow! Radiohead came back with a new song and its great!!" (sry! i hurt muse! lol) of course, know i know better after my science teacher ( i know, can i get any more dumb) gave me their CDs and i really became a Muse fan. at first, i thought they sounded like radiohead, but now, i realize that muse's early stuff sounds a bit like radiohead, but BH&R really doesnt. what do u think? and does anyone else like radiohead?
  14. the word `supress` appears in alot of songs. is there any other words that he likes using?
  15. Just reading this biography about matts life, and i actually found out some interesting facts about matt which i never knew about 1. When matt was 6 and in a super market, when some older lads pulled down his trousers, forcing him to run out of the shop in humiliation, naked from the waist down. 2. at the same time he swallowed a key-ring -a little globe of the world- and attached keys that belonged to his baby sitter. Not suprisingly, he started choking. The alarmed baby sitter turned matt upside dow and smacked him untill he regurgitated the world and the contents of his stomach. ouch well thats only the first chapter but i will keep you posted with more facts, but if there is any mosr facts you know that we dont know about matt, dom or chris, you know the place for them! -Emma xxxxxxxxx
  16. http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/Mattbellamy click Link Read Sign PLEASE!!!
  17. Since the word 'pornogenic' is supposed to mean pictures where the boys are pulling sex faces, why don't we have a pwoper pornogenic thread? Well, I suppose that could be expanded to just pictures where they look funny (This will probably get deleted but oh well ) And go!
  18. Trying to get a handle on what % of Muse fans prefer the early gritty stuff vs the later more polished material.
  19. I know i know this has been done so many times...but I have found a page of ALL his posts, here He thinks this should have been the cover to Sunburn (in this thread) Here someone thinks Matt is rubbish at football, but Matt says 'groupy obsession? i dont think so' This is a thread made by him about pictures... Matt is dodgy here About summer dates here Doesn't know how to check PM'shere Matt's goatee "well the truth is that i cant grow a full beard, im a bit of a late bloomer you see, so whenever i dont shave for 2 days i get a natural goatie, and people think i shave it to shape and i dont, the current status is clean shaven haha" Sorry for no link, it's in the list somewhere... 'well the truth is that i cant grow a full beard, im a bit of a late bloomer you see, so whenever i dont shave for 2 days i get a natural goatie, and people think i shave it to shape and i dont, the current status is clean shaven haha ' Matt's in here too... Here Matt answer's the some Irish guy (not the stalker!) He's interested in Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll here Want to be in Feeling Good? Here... 'Want to be in the next Muse Video? Then email theman@tastemedia.com with your Name & Telephone number. You must be available Saturday the 21st at 11:00am in West London. cheers matt ' 'Post Origin Artwork' here Matt says 'q' here EDIT: Here is proof about the zipper in Space Dementia 'we were looking for a high percussion sound for the end of the song `Space Dementia` and we tried shakers, salt and pepper things, and even palm rubbing, but we ended up miking up Matt's trouser zipper ' Nice one Matt. I'm sure there are more things but I'm busy atm, this took me soo long!
  20. I know this is the official Messageboard but I was just wondering why they haven't called it "Muse Forum" - even the link on muse.mu says "forum" lol I was wondering why... most people know the term "forum" instead of "messageboard", even though apparently mean the same thing. Is there any notable difference? Should it be renamed, maybe?
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