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    music (play violin, cello, string bass, piano, guitar, congas)...and reading is good...muse...that's pretty much it...
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    the obvious; Franz Ferdinand; Specials; Yeah Yeah Yeahs; Cake; Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds; White Stripes; Hard-Fi; She Wants Revenge; Spoon; Flogging Molly; Garbage; Social Distortion, The Strokes, The Pretenders, Jefferson Starship
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    Coraline, Dogma, Death At A Funeral, Keeping Mum, The Producers (original), Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead
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    It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia, The Young Ones (i know-really old but HILARIOUS), The Office (british version-US one sucks)
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    Merry Wives of Windsor (makes me laugh just thinking it), Coraline, Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim,
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    Absolution, Black Holes and Revelations, Hullabaloo Soundtrack, Fury (single), Glorious (single), Origin of Species, Showbiz, Eternally Missed (single), The Groove (single), and a few randoms
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    Seattle April 2, 2010
    Portland April 3, 2010
  1. Awww. I wish i had seen this thread earlier!! This sounds like fun!!
  2. I'm not sure how to react. Seeing her dressed like that with that makeup i would expect some Avril Laviegne (sp ?) shite, but her voice isn't too bad. Interesting take on a classic. I think it might be okay with a decent band and the full-length song. As it is? Let's just say I wouldn't risk a recording contract on her.
  3. Looked at the title and immediately burst out laughing! He so does, too!:LOL: Thanks for this
  4.  I've done this. I don't think you know the know the HORROR I've been through...the humiliation...the mental scarring...the nosebleeds...    Agreed   Yes!! At first I thought there was just a lot of typos or people making fun of them cos i never would've believed baby talk would come back!!! AAAHHHHH!! And Citizen Erased is a great song, but c'mon, let's move on now. There's no "quintessential" Muse song.   Agreed. Why do people think they have the right to put down other people, ESPECIALLY if they don't even know them?! Plus, these people are usually 'in love' w/ the band, so wouldn't they want to be supportive? ah well. I'll admit I've made fun of a few twatli-I mean TWIlighters in my days, but really, If that's how they discovered the band, great, just as long as they don't think the songs from the soundtrack represent a good sample of their (Muse's) music.   +1   +1   This makes me mad. Also when they don't even bother to show up for the opening band(s) but the second Muse come on, they squirm their way in front of you and block the entire show with their stupid video cameras!!!
  5. Where is Doug Smith? Grammy Award Winning acoustic guitarist Doug Smith is the winner of the prestigious Winfield International Fingerstyle Competition in 2006, and Billboard Magazine writes, "Inviting melodies...stunning fingerpicking". Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine raves, "Smith's fretboard brilliance continues to dazzle”. His original music has been heard on radio and TV shows throughout the world, including True Hollywood Story and Martha Stewart Living , and his playing has been heard in movies such as “Twister", “Moll Flanders” and “August Rush”. ^^Taken from dougsmithguitar.com^^ I've met him several times (he's a local and visits at the music store where i work). and i've never met a kinder man. (his fingernails creep me out though:() I voted for Hendrix btw. Did for music what MLK did for equality--MADE IT HAPPEN WITH LOVE!!(not comparing jimi w/ MLK... for those stupid enough to read it that way)
  6. touching. very...touching. ANYWAYS, as I do believe I'm part of the family, I won't immediately give hug to just anyone wearing a muse tee. I knew a girl in school who wore one just because her brother gave it to her, and she was a huge bitch. but it's a nice thought!
  7. great song--it's got the great 'creepy' feeling that made me fall in love with muse in the first place:D
  8. eek so much drama. Can't we all just get along? ANYWAY, songs I hate (hmmm, strong word...dislike?) Execution Commentary Hidden Track:p MotP (don't hate it per se, but it's not among my favorites)
  9. Thank You!! Yes indeedy, way better! (in a hurry, so i did skip a bit, but from what i've heard, def better)
  10. I've only heard it live on Hullaballoo. tbh, i usually skip it cuz i think the tom waits intro is too long, but on the rare occasion that i do listen all the way through, it's epic:D
  11. you're 'wearing a MUSE shirt'. weird, I'M wearing a muse shirt right now And sorry about your wisdom teeth:( One of mine is coming in right now. It hurts. it sucks. But looking forward to new (colored) page! YAY!!
  12. Yes... thanks for that :indiff:


    It's cool, it's all over and done with, so.

  13. Conscience Stockholm Showbiz Megalomania Hoodoo Exogenesis p. 1 EDIT: I forgot one: Spiral Static fer sherrr
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