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  1. That's a fair point, but really if I'm changing the card details to one with the same (uncommon) surname, they should be able to tell I haven't just flogged them on eBay.
  2. The smallest (**MUSE) gig I've been to is the Teignmouth one, and we turned up at about 8am (travelled from North UK), and there were still half a dozen people ahead of us camped out. Really there's no such thing as 'too early' on gig day. Take from it what you will that it's a really small venue.
  3. Thanks, friend! Oh snap, what number did you ring and what did you say for this to be sorted out? Do you think that method would work here (what with the tickets being sold out, and all)?
  4. Paperless tickets... Uh oh. I just got back to find my mum (bless her) has got me two tix for my bday. Now, apparently you need the cardpayer's ID to get in (and for them to go in with you!!) She's bought them for me and a friend, and she can't go because of spinal problems. Does anyone have any clue about what the policy on the door is? I.E. if I take her ID, or she comes along to prove we haven't scalped them? Or has she just lost ~£90? Can't even re-sell them on Ticketmaster's fav scalping website, because the same problem arises. Fucking daft.
  5. Người mẫu Singapore tố "yêu râu xanh" chụp lén chỗ nhạy cảm, đồng phục tiếp viên hàng không được bán ở chợ đen, mỹ nữ Hàn mặc váy ngắn mà hớ hênh là những tin tức hot nhất trong ngày.

    trung tâm đào tạo tiếng anh

    tiếng anh newlight








    Vừa qua, trong một triển lãm xe hơi ở Singapore, người mẫu 9X Miki Ace đã lên tiếng vạch mặt một người đàn ông vì chỉ chuyên chụp lén những chỗ nhạy cảm. Trên trang cá nhân, cô khẳng định vì nhìn thấy "gã yêu râu xanh" này có cử chỉ lén lút nhắm ống kính máy ảnh vào mình nhiều lần nên cảm thấy nghi ngờ từ đầu.

  6. Selling my MISA digital Kitara (what Chris uses for Madness) – haven't been able to play for the best part of a year because of circumstances outside of my control, so I'd rather it went to someone who could use it rather than sitting around gathering dust. Very cool presets and custom settings on the Kitara direct into a normal amp (I used a VOX tube), or you can hook it up to an audio program and make some twisty noises, use it for audio sampling, pitch modulation, dubstep, etc. A decent example of what it can do (I recommend going about 1/2 way into the video): Used, but good as new – bought for £700, selling for £400 with all the neccessary stuff that it came with. Will post overseas (I'm based in the UK), but obviously postage will be higher.
  7. The GP file is on my old (and broken HDD). Basically I just took the best GP file from ultimate guitar and transposed the guitar parts at the beginning to piano, and figured out the slower tempo myself. The arpeggios he uses live are the same on the GP file and the outro is the same as the intro. Hope that helps
  8. Pointless build-up from the band and the BBC. Shower of cunts.
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