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Andreas Johnson also has a song called "Glorious" from 1999. Which one is more epic?


heh I cant believe I actually remember that song, used to be on every week on kids tv at the weekends (SMTV at the time I think) ah those were the days


but yea Glorious should have been on the album, I have it at the end on my mp3 and I dunno, it just makes BHAR sound more complete

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It definitely should have been on the album. Easily and Crying Shame too.


BH&R should have been:


Knights Of Cydonia


Supermassive Black Hole

Map of the Problematique

Crying Shame

Assassin GOB edit

City of Delusion


Take a Bow



I love the look of that bh&r but for me it would have to have invincible. Then it would be perfect. But Easily instead of Starlight, Crying shame instead of Soldiers poem wud be great.

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Glorious is like that. We've all heard it..but we're not sure where...


That's really weird :LOL: I was like that too. But then I watched Anastasia recently and there was a song with a similar tune. I think that's where I got it from...or its serious de ja vu. First time I heard it, it felt so familiar and personal, like I've been listening to it all my life :stunned:

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BHAR should have been:


1. ToB

2. Starlight



5. Easily

6. Glorious

7. Assassin (GOB)

8. Exo-Politics

9. CoD

10. Hoodoo

11. KoC


YES! Genious, I think easily fits in there really well as well.

But of course if they could put them alongside SP and Invincible, where's the harm in that?

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