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  1. I like it. Decent filler singalong. Pretty much feeling like it's around Defector levels for me, probably getting the edge just because I love the broody campiness of the darkness. If Fury, Panic Station and Defector had a baby that wrote a song as an attempt at doing an Uprising while going through their emo stage at drama school, it'd probably be this. I dig it.
  2. Do any of you plan on spending a bit of time playing in Morgan's hole?
  3. Got my tickets in the post today. Yet again entrance 3, hopefully it's not as chilly round the back in April as in November 2012. See y'all round there! We'll have 500 times the craic than E1.
  4. The standing tickets usually have row and seat numbers for identifying the tickets. My standing tickets for the venue always have them. I selected standing and my tickets also say GA2 with the row and seat numbers in the details.
  5. I missed these easy sales so much during the Psycho tour. See y'all in April. Pray for less cold and more pigeons. And, ya know, Assassin/Showbiz/Defector/Sing For Absolution
  6. Epic, so glad the Dublin-Belfast motorway rush is finally happening That's generally just for keeping track of the tickets.
  7. Sell tickets to diehards who already have the album anyway Album sales push album up charts Headlines created with charts on Friday Oh look, they add extra dates/cities to the tour that has sold a load of tickets already just as the news is going around of the album rising in the charts across Europe More tickets sold, more albums sold, more headlines, evil genius plan works by essentially doing not a lot other than having someone click on a download link* *Seeing as most people will have the album, I don't think anyone will likely pick a physical copy in the promotion where you would have to pay yet another delivery fee on top of your ticket cost
  8. At least we all get a copy of Drones for the mighty fuck up that has been the announcement and organisation of details of this gig. Woo.
  9. The price range is now up on Ticketmaster €63.50 - €83.50 Hopefully the standing is the €63.50....
  10. €64.50 was in the official Irish press release. I'm beginning to get a bit worried the standing tickets will be near €100 as the UK gigs all start at a similar price range at around £50.
  11. It was also in the MCD press release, but was subsequently edited out from that, the MCD Facebook announcement and the SSE Arena deleted their main tweet about it. Muse also is no longer showing up for me on the SSE website under a search, but the direct link to the page still works. Seeing as a date and venue were confirmed, I'm guessing that maybe it's due to be announced as part of the next batch of gigs which may include France and Germany? At least I hope so.
  12. Obvs doing this, and the apparent Belfast gig the following night. Nice to go from being the last announced in 2012 to being the first. http://www.ssearenabelfast.com/muse
  13. I'd love it if it's just Revolt being the Children in Need single.
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