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  1. What is the thing Matt stands on to make his guitar go all WEEEEOOOOOOOOWEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOO during Invincible and Fury?
  2. Have they pretty much ditched everything from Resistance and 2nd Law at this point? I don't think there was one good song on 2nd Law and seeing all the oldies comes back makes me want to go and see them live again.;
  3. There is really apparent compression on Animals as the drums and bass kick in. Just sucks the keys part down. It's a pretty amateur mistake to make, as for overall mix I am listening on pretty basic speakers and woofer. So I can't say much for that.
  4. He has these habits that get ridiculously annoying, like throwing his whole throat downwards when he makes a large jump in the head voice. It's on animals and I hate it, it's proper 'technique' but it's too apparent and its not meant to be heard. Vocal coaches teach it. He also pulls his chin in live when doing it, which ruins his natural tone.
  5. ChrisirhC


    Before the vocals I think its the first track in a while that sounds radiohead like.
  6. Not really, the past two albums have been full of the type of stuff in his voice which became basically cliches years ago. It's cringworthy and you'd have to be extremely far up his rear-end to think he is a world class singer of any sort. The only tone he does well anymore is the belted head voice and that is even getting annoying if it's done too often. The point is he has explored every limit to his voice a long time ago and is basically has nothing left to give from it, which is why the vocals as well as the lyrics are getting worse as time goes on. Nothing new as far as vocals go.
  7. It was a terrible album song writing wise. I feel T2L is not near as bad but I feel the chord progressions and vocals matt displays are long over used.
  8. I hope the real track doesn't have bad contrast between matt's voice and the dubstep. It would suit the producton style of Nero though.
  9. ChrisirhC


    This is very promising. I think that's the first time in 3 years I've had a positive opinion on muse.
  10. Hmm, I find most of their generic songs to be very predicatable, they've been using the same hook, line and sinker for too long, same chord progressions and regurgitated licks. not a bad song though
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