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  1. Maybe they'll do a second night?? I loved that this venue is so small. I really don't want to see them at staples again...
  2. Cool, great bands! And wow, Coachella, I am more jelly then you can imagine. Have fun! Hopefully, I'll manage to cough up some money for that one..


    There's nothing really on my list besides Fleet Foxes atm, which is still a big if. Fall is going to be pretty busy with college and all

  3. Well the only show I have lined up right now are The National at the Hollywood Bowl and Bon Iver at the Shrine, both in September... but I'm also going to Coachella! If that counts... What about you?

  4. I teared up several times throughout :supersad: it was really surreal...


    Are you planning on any shows in the fall? All my favorite bands always somehow manage to clutter up early fall :LOL:

  5. That seriously sounds incredible... Ending with He Would Have Laughed! I would have been in tears! Please tell me you were in tears so I don't feel like any less of a man.

  6. Not bugging! I love music talk!


    Dude. That night..beyond amazing. Bradford Cox is just phenomenal live. At the end he crouched at the stage and we got to stroke his guitar and I touched his arm aoudhajdh :supersad: mark of respect that no one tried to pull him in even though he was well within reach. They played a lot of Halcyon Digest a couple from Microcastle, and at least one from Cryptograms. He Would Have Laughed was a beautiful closer.


    lkjflakjfdkj I want to relive it again. :'(

  7. I hate to bug, but you also saw Deerhunter?!

  8. Yeah :( he was really in his own little world throughout the concert lol


    I'm from Van Nuys, but its technically LA county so...:LOL:

  9. Ah, that does sound really cool, the cute little recluse singing his heartbreaking songs about death and shit. Really jealous you got to go :(


    Ah, I'm not from LA unfortunately, I'm actually in Orange County, but close enough!

  10. I really enjoyed it :) there was a lot from the new album and some classics from Hospice (Kettering, Two, Bear, no Sylvia though everyone shouted for it :( ) I was right in front of the lead singer he seemed really shy, hardly spoke and didn't make eye contact even though I was like 3 ft from him :LOL: the sound was amazing, and his voice was identical to the record :happy: I was really happy I went but probably woulnt have if my friends didn't get me tickets for my birthday :chuckle:

    Oh and awesome to meet another LA muser :awesome:

  11. hello! i just really wanted to ask you how the antlers gig was that you went to. i was supposed to go but couldn't make it :(

  12. I was listening to Bowie when I clicked that, coooiiinciiidencceeee. I like the middle one
  13. Loveless is amazing.

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