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  1. Got my tickets today through the pre-sale for Muse members. I'm also going to the gig in June in Nijmegen but since I live in Amsterdam and been in the Ziggodome before (also seen Muse there of course), I'm looking more forward to this gig. Anyone else going?
  2. I indeed used my CC for payment but actually all I want is the bloody album!
  3. I'm also still waiting on my album. Ordered it on November 5th ans all I see that it should be shipped. Dropped an email at store support but I haven't got any response. If it will take longer I'll be asking for a refund. However, asking that is like a shot in the dark I guess
  4. I would be very happy with these two acts: Vandenberg Moonkings and VUUR
  5. They had Nothing but Thieves in the Ziggodome as support act and I did not like it at all. I even couldn't make up if the singer was male or female...
  6. I got myself two tickets thanks to the pre-order of the cd. Any names yet for the support acts?
  7. Ik heb nog nooit zo makkelijk aan kaarten kunnen komen! Om even voor 10:00 was ik ingelogd in ticketmaster en precies om 10:00 verscheen de optie om je unieke code in te vullen. Vier kaarten gekocht en betaald met iDeal. Daarna om even voor 13:00 zat ik weer klaar en ja hoor, precies om 13:00 kon ik de code die op de members site staat en heb ik weer vier kaarten gekocht en nu betaald met de creditcard. Ik blij en zes vrienden blij
  8. Ik heb laatst kaarten voor een ander concert gekocht via ticketmaster en volgens mij heb ik met iDeal betaald. Gaan de kaarten voor Muse ook via ticketmaster?
  9. Beste mede Muse fans, ik heb even een vraag en ik hoop dat jullie mij even kunnen helpen. Ik heb de cd in pre-order gekocht en ik heb zojuist mijn mail ontvangen met de instructies om morgen in de pre-sale max. 4 kaarten te kunnen kopen. Nu had ik verwacht dat ik een code zou krijgen die ik op ticketmaster.nl zou kunnen gebruiken maar ik zie dat ik met de link in de mail naar de shop van muse.mu word gestuurd. Daar zie ik wel alle data van de aankomende tour en dus ook Nijmegen maar hoe krijg je je kaarten als ik via muse.mu die kaarten bestel? Krijg ik ze digitaal net zoals bij ticketmaster of worden deze opgestuurd (wat ik niet hoop)? Graag hoor ik van jullie! Thanks alvast!
  10. We (a bunch of friends and my wife) are going to see the show. We have seen them in 2010 in De Goffert and that was a great show! Hopefully getting tickets wil be more easy since I pre-ordered the cd so I can order tickets on November 13th 10:00 AM. And this is a non-seated show so there's no hassle in picking four or more seats in a row...
  11. Yes! Got my three tickets! First ring section 104 row 1 I'm a happy dude!!!
  12. I didn't get tickets as well, nor for the 9 or 10th so I'm hoping my patient (with ticketmaster) and my fight with the horrible captcha will get me tickets for the 7th...
  13. I have my tickets in 103 so not to bad! This will be my second Muse gig (after De Goffert two years back) and I'm looking foreward to it!
  14. Hm.... I'm pretty sure I made my first posting on this forum here but for some reason it is gone. I have a question for the lucky guys and dolls who got tickets in the presale; Did you get to see the stage layout of the Arena when you ordered your tickets and what are the best seating places? Hopefully this posting will stay because I gladly want to be here because I am also a great fan of Muse
  15. I'm also ready to go (that is if I can get my hands on 3 tickets). But I'm wondering how the Arena will be setup. I've been to Metallica once in the Arena and if I remember well the stage was in long end of the stadium so the fronting other long end would have the best seats. Anyone can confirm this? /edit: found a picture of how it was:
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