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  1. Going by myself and wondering if anyone from Sweden taking the Öresundståg over and want to have train/queue company?
  2. They really played CE yesterday in Finland? Wonder what we'll get! Probably not CE...
  3. Are you sure? I'm worried about that too. I really wanna stand in the front but don't know how much time i should sacrifice for it. What if just everyone goes for muse that day and it will be super crowded
  4. So Siesta cancelled today without any notice.... It can all look great on the outside... Please don't let this be the 4th one...
  5. 1h 30m isn't that bad for a festival is it? and does this mean that all bands are released?
  6. Okay thanks guys! I will wait for the schedule and see... and the weather
  7. Okay thanks! Let's say all the way to the front then? by the gates? Last year the schedule was released really late. Like in june...
  8. How early do you think you need to get to the stage in order to be somewhat close to the front?
  9. This time it will probably be cancelled by Bråvallas bankruptcy or somtehing. Seem to be a trend of that among Swedish music festivals. Not getting my hopes up for this again!
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