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  1. Research is the best. I enjoyed completing my dissertation so much, it was really rewarding. What are you doing the research on then?

    Ah, yeah I wish it were that simple! I've been saving money to come back in case I don't find a job straight-away. I'm planning on moving back in Feb.

  2. Nah, just 3 years! Doing an MRes (master of research) so it's all research from now on, thank goodness. Ow, just come back and keep searching for jobs! I hate being back in Sweden (am here over christmas) so I know the feeling..

  3. Oooh for some reason I always thought your programme was 4 year-long! Congrats then, what overall result did you get? Are you doing a MSc in Neuroscience too or have you gone for something else!

    Wow looks like I've really missed a lot! What's his name?

    I'm still single as - although just broke up with someone I had been dating for 3 months. Don't know what went through his head but it's better that way anyway, he wasn't right for me! France is ok but I'd obvs rather be in England with all my uni friends! It's really hard not to be able to see them on a regular basis :(

  4. So did I, but I continued at Cardiff Uni, doing a masters now! Life in Cardiff is great, I love it. I'm not together with him anymore no, broke up last year, together with a Welshman now since the spring haha. How about you? How's life in France etc?

  5. I graduated in July - wooop! But have been back in France since :( stupid crisis making the job market miserable! How's life going in Cardiff? Are you still with that boyfriend of yours back in Sweden?

  6. Hey! I still am indeed. Where are you now? How've you been?

  7. Ahoy, what's up Mona? Haven't talked to you in forever! Are you still in Cardiff? Myriam (yeah thought i'd mention that since I changed usernames!)

  8. Mona

    Because I've seen them my whole life!! Haha, Sweden is boiling now though. Dying the heatdeath.

  9. ʘ

    :eek: How can you be tired of Blondes?!?! You're dark(ish?) for fuck's sake!


    yeah, I know. All the hot girls are in Sweden and Denmark :( Should be cool, nontheless- can't handle the bloody heat around here. Must escape somewhere colder...

  10. Mona

    Haha alright, all the shit Scandinavian countries then? ;)


    Well, I've been here my whole life.. so I'm bored. And I am sick of blondes!

  11. ʘ

    Fearing me is always a good idea! I WILL EAT YOU!


    hmmm... Finland. Maybe Norway, also...


    :eek: How can one be bored in.. Stockholm? With so many Blondes...

  12. Mona

    Haha, what area then? The idea of potentially meeting you seems scary. But it would be amazing nonetheless. This bowl of spicy (veggie)meatballs is okay. Bored in Stockholm, but going back to the UK soon for partying etc then USA for more fun! WOOP

  13. ʘ

    My balls are indeed big and Jewish :happy:

    I can't say exactly, but I'm where I usually am.

    Might visit your area (not Sweden, sadly) this summer...


    And how are you, my big bowl of spicy meat balls?

  14. Mona

    Gil, you ball of jewish mystery. Where are you?

  15. Haha, SICK! Du är så grym. Herregud, vad har hänt under all denna tid vi inte pratat? Uppdatera!!

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