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    Cork, Ireland
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    Muse obviously, Foo Fighters, Mumford & Sons, Radiohead, Green Day, Florence & The Machine, Jack L, The Kooks, Fred, The Delorentos, The Coronas, Vampire Weekend, Two Door Cinema Club etc
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    Moulin Rouge, Big Fish, 13th Warrior, The Hangover, 4 Brothers, Murder in the First, Sleepers, Inside I'm Dancing, The Princess Bride
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    Shameless, Dexter, True Blood, documentaries, Cougartown, anything on channel 4
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    One Day, Wasted, To Kill a Mockingbird. The Green Mile, The Princess Bride
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    Dublin 09 & Oxegen 2010
    Reading Festival 2002

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  1. You popped into my head the other day. How are you?

  2. Hello?? It's been a while hasn't it! :)

  3. Ann How have you been all this time, best wishes for you and your Fam! x

  4. Hi there. Have we met?

  5. Ann :) how's the very new mommy??!! i hope to you and your family all the best this new 2012!!! all the best for you, Ava and her daddy.

  6. nice! oh really? :LOL:

  7. Fine and fine. baby is dancing it's ass off in there :D

  8. HOW ARE YOU? and how is that little person? :happy:

  9. We miss you too. I haven't been on here much myself lately. But that will change again.

    I'm good. As ever wishing that the weekend lasts longer than is possible!

  10. Well I'm going to fit a little both in you can say!!:happy:

    I miss it here!! I get to express the way I feel about Muse here:LOL:

    Well this writing thing may become my homework:LOL:

    So how are you today?:rolleyes:

  11. Scobes!

    hahaha, sorry I just got your message.

    I haven't been on in ages.

    We're on FB though!

    It's a much better way to get a hold of me, hahaha.

    Hope all is well with you :)

  12. not at all. School has to be done too :) So what's the plan?

  13. I know long time no see!:LOL:

    Oh I'm well thank you:happy:

    Jeez!! I'm glad to be back I've been busy with school and such!!;)

    I know that's lame:D

  14. hey hey you!!! :D So long since I've seen you. I'm good. How are you?

  15. Hello,love!!:happy:

    How are you today??:rolleyes:

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