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  1. From the Dome website: LIVE NATION presents Muse This event has sold out ‘Psycho UK Tour’ Plus Marmozets For ticket holders wishing to queue early for entry to Muse on Monday 23rd March a queuing system will be put in place from outside of the east and west gates on Church Street. These gates will open simultaneously at 7pm. During the day the Café Bar will be open as usual 10am-5pm; the venue will be closed between 5pm & 7pm. TWO QUEUES
  2. I'm Worthing, so about 30mins away, but you know, football is on.
  3. They might be by now. Apparently they sacked off Manchester mid-morning because some people got there before them and they are travelling down to Brighton. Would love to go and hang around The Dome in full Muse merch JUST to see the look on their faces when they arrive, but i'm enthralled by Liverpool v United right now.
  4. I did the same for Wembo, got right infront of Bells. Worth it, but wouldn't do it again. Was destroyed physically for the next 2 days.
  5. Anyone who lives in Brighton fancy going to the Dome and writing numbers on our hands? Even if we have no intention of queuing overnight. Just to see the look on their faces.
  6. I don't advocate violence against women, but there can be exceptions.
  7. Going to set this as my message tone, just to promote Anglo-French relations in the queue.....
  8. Keep trying Ticketmaster. I reckon they'll film some of Brighton as The Dome is ready made for filming, it appears to be the most likely of the remaining venues to support filming, and once they finalize production (over the weekend i'd guess) some more tickets might appear.
  9. http://www.brighton-hove.gov.uk/content/parking-and-travel/parking/london-road-car-park Probably the cheapest Car Park in the city centre. About a 10/15min walk from Brighton Dome.
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