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    Ruffled Matt's hair and 'sung' Starlight at Radio 2 gig, 31st Oct 2012. Wew. I died.
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    First gig - Cardiff 2006
  1. Can not fucking believe that I won! Go team 'Liv' !!
  2. I know they might be putting any remaining stock online, butttt, if not.... Has anyone got a Small White Psycho Tour tee and/or an XSmall or Small Psycho Hoody to swap for my mediums?! Ta!
  3. If anyone has a small white t shirt or small hoody that they'd like to swap for my mediums then that'd be larrrvely
  4. I did but they're not up yet apart from some on FB - ill make a flikr thing and pop the link on here.
  5. Pretty sure it'll be finished by 11 really. As to cameras, no one's mentioned any particular banning from previous gigs, just usually no SLR or flash on.
  6. Cool, cheers both. Â I'm a bit familiar with Newport but not so much with potential parking areas.
  7. Â They are about 7am-12pm.. I kinda want 100% 24h really. Â Salright, my dad worked in Newport so if not the civic then he'll have a suggestion!
  8. Does anyone know about parking near the Great Hall? The website says it's opposite and 24h soooo I'm assuming that is correct but if anyone has any inside knowledge then that would be much appreciated!
  9. Again, if anyone's got a spare ticket for my sister-in-law then please do let me know! I know there are are loads of people looking for a spare for this gig in particular so it's not hopeful (so glad I managed to get one )
  10. Does anyone know of any on street parking near to the Newport Centre? I was going to park at the civic but it's a bit far. I know the car park is opposite but I'm just a bit paranoid about opening hours and my car getting locked in after cause I'm driving to Exeter after the gig!
  11. This seems to be the least popular venue out of the bunch, just judging by chat and people looking for tickets! Gonna be epic. Anyone going to any of the other gigs? I've got Exeter the next day and Brighton on the Monday.
  12. If anyone has a plus one for this, my buddy would happily take it!
  13. It's my 12th (13th and 14th) gig too
  14. If anyone has one or two spares for my brother and sister in law, they would be extremely appreciative (my brother neeeeeds to see them finally!). Thanks!
  15. Can't believe they're finally gonna be back in Wales. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkk yessssss!!
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