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  1. Hi. I recently asked you if I could change my username back to maturefan. A couple of years ago I asked if I could change my name from maturefan to exile. You didn't do it then. I just want to be maturefan again. Please? Pretty please?

  2. Hi. I have a confession to make: I went through a really bad patch a few years ago when I was maturefan. I posted a lot of stupid stuff and got a lot of hassle for it. I set up a second profile so no-one would know it was me. I'm over all that now. I want to be maturefan again. Please can you do whatever needs to be done to bring me back? Sorry if I have broken any rules.

  3. Hi I was at the Manchester gig on the 9th April how do I purchase the dvd recording for that night?

  4. tục.


    Trong lòng Vương Lâm rất lo lắng. Thông qua quan sát vừa rồi hắn biết


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    giây. Ba giây này là thời điểm nguy hiểm nhất, nếu vượt qua thì chắc


    chắn có thể thành công truyền đi.


    Giây thứ nhất! Mấy mươi sợi tơ đen đột nhiên xuất hiện, từ khắp nơi như


    mũi tên rời cung xuyên qua quầng sáng. Giờ phút này tận đáy lòng mình

  5. Hi Miss Blee. Could youchange my username to "NowhereMark"? Please!

  6. Hi Miss Blee. PLEASE can I change my username to Exile? I really need a new start on here! Pretty please?

  7. I'll be pointing my Misguided Warning stick at you in a minute if you don't stop being a bellend. Pack it in.
  8. This is in big, red letters so you know I'm srs guys, ABSOLUTELY NO ASKING FOR LINKS TO LEAKS, WHERE TO GO TO FIND LINKS FOR LEAKS, GIVING LINKS, OFFERING TO PM LINKS OR THAT KIND OF THING. Anyone breaking this rule will be getting an infraction or possible ban.
  9. Hello. I would like to change my username. Please change my username to Exile. Thanks.

  10. Heyo, was wondering if you could change my name to Boogles, please?

  11. Hi. I want to change my forum username from grosvenormum to pluginbelfast, to match my name on the main site. Can you please help? Thanks

  12. UNION – With a season full of successes under their belts, the Scotch Plains-Fanwood High school boys soccer team were looking for one more win to cap off an incredible run.


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  13. hello. I want to delete my account

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