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Mati Gavriel - Undisclosed Desires on German X-Factor


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Couldn't find a thread about this. The verses are alright, but the chorus...so horrible.


How he sings/pronounces "tease" and "soothing" :LOL: .... So typical german :noey::facepalm:


I don't think he was THAT good... :wtf:


I just don't understand how Sarah could join a casting jury... I am so dissapointed. I always thought she wasn't that kind of artist

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Anyone can translate what the jury said, please?


I translated the whole dialog for everyone... That actually the most interesting part


Man with gray hair: Mati, you were the first one at the casting.... (pushes chair away) Mati, you were the first one who made me feel like I have found an ARTIST under the candidates.

Mati: Thank you so much.

Man with gray hair: I'm not sure if the whole fuss is needed around you but I think you have a great charisma and I hope for you that you get many fans to keep you as long as possible in this show.

Mati: Thank you.

The other guy: I have to determine that the respect I show MY candidates surely also be entitled to you. You have....

Mati: Thank you. Thank you so much.

The other guy: Since the start you have been one of the candidates who, to be honest, I would have loved to have in my category. As like with George (another candidate I guess) you were, plain and simple, just too young. And, talking about this subject, I am quite unsure if we have allocated to much responsibility, you are 18 and the women are all around you (I just translated this part different. but it's the same sense. but feel free to correct me)

Mati: No, I am 24.

The other guy: Oh really, so we are in a different time line (?). No matter what, that you won't have it that easy to build up on this performance (next shows). But I found it truly great!

Mati: Thank you so much, we will see.

Sarah: Mati, Mati-superstar!!! I am so proud of you. I was so worried... I was a little bit worried, yesterday and today, I have to say -- cause at the rehearsals, they (rehearsals) seemed like you being on the second level but the show on stage you have topped it to level 1. It was your stage, and if it really would have been a circus you were the circus director. That's the way it should be.

Mati: Thank you.

Sarah: That's right (she actually said it in english hehe)


Feel free to correct me :) And if you don't understand something let me know :)

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