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  1. I don't sense darkness in any of there songs other than The Handler. Gee maybe I have a different idea of what's truly considered "dark". The cheesy lyrics in some of the songs don't help either, they just sound comical, and are probably what ruined the album for me. I was cool with it on T2L because the thing had a colorful broccoli on the cover for god's sake but Drones should have been more serious, no?
  2. I'm not saying that, I'm saying that it takes more than a few lines of "war is bad" to fully explore it. It's a dark topic that didn't translate into an album very well. There's many things that weren't explored in the album. It's easy for Matt to have a song about rebelling against oppression, but is it in reality? No. I don't think that aspect was represented.
  3. I was hoping it wouldn't be all up in your face about war. The more subtle songs I can listen to but I can't stand someone whining about war when they've never been in anything like it. It's a heavy subject, that's all.
  4. But the issue is that Matt has failed to create an emotional connection with it, which is a huge part of writing music imo. He may be interested in it, but he doesn't deeply feel it and that shows very clearly in most songs on this album.
  5. The worst thing about the lyrics and the whole concept album is that basically Matt has no idea what he's talking about. Sorry Matt, but you can't write about drones and war sitting in your mansion. Boohoo if that offends anyone, but seriously, the lyrics suck because he is just not deeply connected with them. It's never gonna work.
  6. Yeah, it did kind of fade after a few months, but I can still occasionally go back and listen to every song, except maybe Save Me and Liquid State. But even Survival which is a total cheese-fest makes a great running song I can't say the same about Revolt, which is cheesy without purpose (I'm mostly talking about the "YOU MUST GROOW" part, if I could get over that maybe I'll like it but as of now NOPE)
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