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I've found a liquid control *SWALLOW* that gives life to the soul...


Haha :LOL: I love that song, it has 'le quirk'


Anything which I've just learned to play on guitar really, or have been tabbing in GP5 or had learned to play ages but forgotten how to play it then re-learned it :p like MoYH and FAWY and Cave <3 <3

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Conscience, it's so beautifull:eek:


And I just started to search for some B-sides and I think Spiral static, Eternally Missed, Futurism, Crying Shame are also absolutly brilljant:D


It is a shame that they never play(ed) them, some of them are really good. Most B-sides are more emotional and touching than songs of the albums.


And of course Hyper Chondriac Music, amazing song!

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I've only just got into Muse, I have a bunch of there songs but haven't listened to them all completely. I had listened to bits of Knights of Cydonia and it sounded fairly cool, but I just bought HAARP and realized how unbelievably awesome KoC is!


I'm re-listening to the entire album now, its so incredible :)

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