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If you could play one Muse song at your funeral...


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I'm sorry if this has been posted before but I couldn't find anything using the search.


If you could have one muse song played at your funeral, what would it be? Let's see...


Knights of Cydonia? 'No one's gonna take me alive'... True, but... Nah.

Citizen Erased? 'Erase all the memories... They will only bring us pain' I don't want them to forget me... Nah.

Feeling Good? I'm not feeling good... Nah.

Invincible? I'm obviously not invincible. Nah.

Sing for Absolution? Possible.

Eternally Missed? Nice!

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Anyone would think I didn't need money while I'm alive :indiff:


and you're prolly right there, the 'ford is a dive :D


Surrounded by unspoilt countryside, the lively city of Hereford is a great place to work, live, explore and enjoy whatever the time of year.


Sound lovely :p


Anyway i'd have SMBH, shame i wouldn't be there to see the look on people's faces lol

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