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    Porcupine Tree
    Brand New
    The Cooper Temple Clause
    The Killers
    We Are Scientists
    Blood Red Shoes
    Nine Inch Nails
    Neutral Milk Hotel
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    Doctor Who! That's about it really I don't watch much telly.
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    All sorts, NOT Twilight. :p
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    All Albums & DVD's
    Absolution box set
    Absolution Vinyl
    MM Vinyl
    TIRO Vinyl
    S4A Vinyl
    B&H Vinyl
    BH&R's Vinyl
    Exogenesis Vinyl
    Random 1-8 (Japanese)
    Dead Star/In Your World(Japanese)
    loads of promo's.
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    15/11/06 - Birmingham NEC
    16/06/07 - Wembley!
    17/08/08 - V Festival
    13/08/08 - Marlay Park, Dublin
    05/09/09 - Teignmouth
    10/11/09 Birmingham NIA
    12/11/09 - London 02
    09/07/10 - T In The Park
    04/09/10 - Manchester LCCC
    11/09/10 - Wembley Stadium
  1. Haha that's ok I'm bliss_balloons on there anyway, but I don't expect you to remember me, I didn't post much back then! Aw never mind there's more important things anyway! And yey for Manchester!
  2. I did that for T In The Park, I had really low expectations that nothing different was going to be played and when it wasn't I was still really disappointed. The worst thing about it was that I was really bored and could have left near the end.
  3. I really wish now that I wasn't going to two stadium dates this tour, I can't really afford it and there's other bands i'd rather see. If I could sell my Manchester ticket I would but my friend still wants to go so I'm stuck seeing the same old boring setlist twice in one week.
  4. I'm sure you will be find as long as you have your mum's card and her ID. You could always try ringing ticketline to check but I can't see that there will be a problem.
  5. I agree, out of the 8 gigs I've been to I only really enjoyed 4 or 5. I get fed up when people say Muse are great live whatever they play, it's just not true.
  6. I would spend a hell of a lot on a gig if it was at a smaller venue and guaranteed a good setlist.
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