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    Coldplay,The Killers, The Strokes, Wolfmother, U2, Radiohead,Kings of Leon, Pink Floyd, Kasabian, Oasis, Blur,The Beatles,Afterhours,Albert Hammond Jr.,Babyshambles,Arctic Monkeys,Bloc Party,Bob Dylan,Bruce Springsteen,David Bowie,Dire Straits,Editors,Franz Ferdinand,Giovanni Allevi,Interpol,Jeff Buckley,Keane,Nirvana,Paolo Nutini,Port-Royal,R.E.M.,Sigur Rós,The Cramberries,The Doors,The Good, The Bad And The Queen,The Kooks,The Last Shadow Puppets,The Police,The Verve,etc.. :)
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    30 May 2007 Florence
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  2. happy birthday!! :D:party:

  3. hah glad for you :)

    but mi life is boring as usual.nothing special I think :D every day the same pff

    and yesterday I got poisoned

    like so:stunned:

  4. Eheh money are always perfect!! Awww England!!*_*


    oh about me there's nothing news.. The normal life as always :) I'm studying so much :( but fortunately to 12 days I'll came back to my home for Easter, so than I could relax finally! :D

  5. hello:kiss: thaaaank you

    hah yeah:D for the 3 day in a row

    everybody wished to me everything what connected with england they know what i wantttt reallyyyy want:rolleyes:


    what presents did I get?erm..essentially it was money;)


    and what about you&?

    what have you been up lately?:)

  6. Hi Ireneeeee! How Are you?:) happy b-day for yesterday, sorry for the late anyway :p now I'm at university and Internet doesn't work so well.. :(

    did you get a party yesterday? :D what presents did you get?:D

  7. if you'd like to speak to me just write;)

  8. ahhh yeah yeah you're right!:D


    i'll go to do the grammatic

  9. :D:happy:


    dreaming London, now is better to continue chemestry for the exam :chuckle:

  10. organize group?

    yeah it'll be cool!:)u right

  11. oh poor Pete :chuckle::chuckle::rolleyes:


    wow cool go to London with mum :happy: I think that no even a month is enough to see London.. there are too many interesting things to see :rolleyes: one day we could go together :happy:

    I have been in London only once and I would go there with my friends of here too, so we could organize a big group! it would be nice! :D

  12. but as you know i think, the most english people hate pete they thought that he is an idiot or smth like that that he is a pointless waste of space...:D

    i asked the second person who say such things...


    anyway i loveee pete:D lest saying;)


    and about ma fav London!!:D

    yes i was for a week..ahhh Paola it was amazing..when i came back i was crying:stunned::D i didnt want to come back to moscow..

    i was only in london with my mum:rolleyes: and showed her a lot of places of interests:)

    hah she said that 3 days would be enough for her..but not a week

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