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  1. You are on Bethesda forums too then. Why did I bother searching you ask? I don't know. Probably because I was bored.

  2. Scary... I was listening to exo-politics while reading through this thread and Matt sang exactly that when I read your post. So these songs are still not out? Just give me a sign when they are, I'm waiting for it. [/exo-politics]
  3. Unfortunately, watching the DVD while my parents and brother were at home was a BIG mistake. My brother listens to rap music but insisted on at least hearing the first song, Knights of Cydonia. I had to endure stupid comments about Matt singing high and 'boring!' at the end. My mom comments on matts piano skills. That's good, but you shouldn't do that in the middle of Hoodoo! Phonecall during Soldier's Poem. My dad tells me to turn the volume down by a lot, even though my mom is walking into another room. She comes back into the room during Unintended, is about to hang up, when the person on the other end of the line says something and they continue their conversation in the same room. Finally, still Unintended, she hangs up, sits next to me. Rest at last! Nope. She starts discussing the content of the call with my dad (something about taxes) who is on the other side of the room. I turn up the volume back to normal, dad complains (We're trying to have a conversation here), I turn it down. It's getting dark outside, didn't turn the light on yet because it was dark on the tv too (Blackout and stuff), but my dad who was sitting at the computer at the other side of the room decided it was too dark. Mom leaves, comes back during the best part of Take a Bow asking if I like the DVD and what's on the CD.
  4. I was watching the end of New Born and hoped for that riff, which they played at Pinkpop 2007 too, but I never thought they actually would! One of the best Plug In Baby's ever too! And Stockholm Syndrome... Woah!
  5. Can't be bothered to read through 18 pages of crap, was there any new stuff at all or not? Links plix?
  6. I don´t think it´s a good idea to throw all the good songs at her right away. She needs to discover some good ones once she´s a fan. It also depends on the type of girl. If she likes pop music, she´s going to say ´WTF!´ if the first thing you show her is this. For people who listen to mainstream music usually Plug In Baby, TIRO, Hysteria and Bliss are good songs. New Born is too awesome, she needs to discover that herself. I didn´t like Microcuts and Citizen Erased the first time I heard them. They had to ´grow on me´, and that doesn´t work if you´d want to give me a first impression of Muse. It depends on what kind of music she's used to I guess.
  7. Just found nature_1 myself and wanted to post it, but I see you did already. It was alright, especially for the first time Now I'm off to listen to that Shrinking Universe one, awesome!
  8. MOTP? It's on the last album, no b-side or anything, so I think most Muse fans know it. Nature_1 is great!
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