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  1. Happy Birthday! :awesome:

  2. 30stm fans are crazy, so I knew they were going to win. I'm glad, because if you're just comparing videos, Uprising is a shit video.
  3. Yeah. I don't know if it's wearing in well...

  4. holy shit you changed your name.

  5. That's the plan

  6. Aye, I do have his tie, so I'm not playing around.


    omg I'm looking at my Tyrannosaurus Hives poster and you're gonna look aaaawessome. :awesome:

  7. You probably stole a pair off Pelle :LOL:


    It's my last year, so I have to wear something ossum, right?

  8. Hahaha well, if you really have your eyes set on it, and can't manage to find a pair or sew some, just ask and I'll mail you a pair. :LOL:

  9. It's in a month. I has teh bad planning. :chuckle:


    Our theme is "Hollywood Glamour", but I think I can pull it off :p

  10. When is your ball? Try costume shops as well, especially around the "gangster" costumes. That's where I always seem to see them, and in the correct color too.

  11. I'ma try find some, but I dunno if anyone'll have them here. Might need a trip to the city :awesome:

  12. GOOD! Don't forget the gangster spats. :awesome:

  13. I'm going to get a TH-era suit for my School Ball :awesome:

  14. this seriously made me lol


  15. hello!!

    I love hives n_n

    thanks for acept

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