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  1. 30stm fans are crazy, so I knew they were going to win. I'm glad, because if you're just comparing videos, Uprising is a shit video.
  2. holy shit you changed your name.

  3. Aye, I do have his tie, so I'm not playing around.


    omg I'm looking at my Tyrannosaurus Hives poster and you're gonna look aaaawessome. :awesome:

  4. Hahaha well, if you really have your eyes set on it, and can't manage to find a pair or sew some, just ask and I'll mail you a pair. :LOL:

  5. When is your ball? Try costume shops as well, especially around the "gangster" costumes. That's where I always seem to see them, and in the correct color too.

  6. GOOD! Don't forget the gangster spats. :awesome:

  7. Nearly every year, they've always played a St. Patrick Day's gig in Arizona, and THAT is crazier than any regular gig they ever play. They didn't do it last year, but they are doing it this year and have done it several years straight before.
  8. That's guaranteed. I ALWAYS bring a cooler for long waits, always. Bring a bag of ice as well, if you can. You'd be surprised how much of a life savor ice can be! Our camp we had for a Franz Ferdinand gig back in April.
  9. This girl arrives at 4pm with about five other people, and everyone makes a big deal about them. The girl said she had been in line at 7am, but had to go to work. I got there at 10am, and she wasn't there all day. We start fighting with her, and the security is called, and the guard sides with me based on my logic that if a person is gone for nine hours, that does NOT constitute a saved spot in line. It's okay if you're gone for an hour (because it was hot that day, even I needed to go inside a business to cool off). And then all the people who I had bought popscicles for (I didn't know them) were completely on my side. Everyone was on my side except for the people who had cut in line. We were irritated because we had been under the direct sun all day, so we weren't having any of that. There's a difference when one person joins someone, but it's another thing when five-ten people jump to the very FRONT of line, thinking that they are entitled to it. It was sweeeeeet watching her and her friends march angrily to the end of the line. Yes. Don't bring a camera then so you won't be distracted.
  10. I bring popsicles if it's hot. People are more likely to help you out later in case you get a fight with line cutters who didn't wait in line very long like what happened back in August in Hollywood for a Franz Ferdinand gig.
  11. The roughest gigs I've ever been to are for The Hives gigs. Sounds weird, especially that The Hives aren't "trendy" anymore, but there are always some "punk" kids at every gig that get the crowd in riots. I've been a LOT of gigs, but never in my life have I ever been so badly hurt that I had to literally crawl the next week recovering. Even the slightest movements were unbearable. Plus, it doesn't help when Howlin' Pelle (lead singer) left a HUGE bruise on your chest from kicking it, and your scalp hurts because he was pulling your hair so hard. Which happened to me because he decided to stand on top of me several times, literally. GOD I love this band.
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