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    No thank you.
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    The pants party
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    Fascist Gypsy
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    Mainly porn, also 1984.
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    Something along the lines of "15 minute commercials, punctuated by mindless drivel"
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    Books that you go into Waterstones to buy and never read, just because you want to look like a brainy person, when in fact you look a bit of a spud.
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    All of them, ever
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  1. Lexy! what is going on with the chat? I can never find anyone connected wtf...

  2. It's a bit Joni when she's not squeaky, bit Regina, bit Cheryl Crow. Definitely like it, well recommended.

  3. Yes to all the above. I know I know. *hangs head in shame* But yeah, 'Hollow's a great track. Listen now. I want feedback in exactly 10 minutes. Aaand...GO!

  4. Generally? Then we should talk at some point. You haven't bullied me yet, shall I listen to her now for an easy life?

  5. Im doing well generally. I've just posted my very first thread EVER in the 6 years i've been on here. Its about Julie Daske. Did i bully you into listening to her stuff? I can't remember!

  6. I'm in the same boat. I'll be feeling it tomorrow morning, at least until I get a nice hot cup of joe and pour it directly on to my eyes.

    How the devil are you then eh?

  7. Temporarily misplaced my sleep. Gonna pay for it later. I'll live. More to the point you're also online. The horror

  8. Gadzooks, the nerve! What on earth brings you here at this time of *looks at watch and cries* Monday?!?!

  9. You sir are a bounder and a cad.

  10. lololol Axelottle.

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