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Five Most Intense Muse Songs


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Shrinking Universe is also hella intense, what with the WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA OOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOHH part.


disagree on city of delusion, I'd put megalomania in its place on yours and say thats a pretty good list.


1. Showbiz

2. Megalomania :awesome:

3. Assassin

4. Stockholm Syndrome

5. Hyper Music


Yeah, I can go for that.

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in this particular order:


Citizen Erased

Space Dementia

Stockholm Syndrome


The Small Print




These are my nominees:

1. Micro Cuts

2. Assassin

3. Hysteria

4. Space Dementia

5. Citizen Erased

What do you think?


I like this one too:)

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