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  1. The last part of Recess and the outro to Do We Need This are pretty rocky.
  2. Showbiz: Sunburn Muscle Museum Yes Please Cave Showbiz Origin of Symmetry New Born Bliss Hyper Music/Plug in Baby Citizen Erased/Micro Cuts Absolution Apocalypse Please Time Is Running Out Stockholm Syndrome (Fury) Hysteria Butterflies and Hurricanes Black Holes and Revelations Take a Bow Map of The Problematique Supermassive Black Hole Knights of Cydonia Resistance Uprising Resistance United States of Eurasia Unnatural Selection/Mk Ultra Exogenesis Umm, Maybe i shouldn't have done US/MK and CE/MC
  3. That's good to hear :) and I'm good thanks :D and i've been on holiday for the past few weeks so i haven't had the chance to go on the internet really. So have a nice day! see ya :kiss:

  4. Hey Louie, I'm alright thanks! I understand that you were busy :) I've been busy too because now I'm working! :happy: so I don't have much time now :( but everythings is fine.

    how about you? whay are you been busy work maybe or girls?

    cheers see ya :kiss:

  5. Hey Marie! Sorry i haven't replied in a long time, i've been quite busy the last month :'(. So , How are you? :)

  6. http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pages/I-firmly-believe-that-Matt-Bellamy-and-Dom-Howard-are-shagging/115128685188223?ref=ts
  7. that's great Louie! :chuckle: now you make me feel jealous!

    I can feel the excitiment on your words!!! oh I heard [where the streets have no name] it was great! I watch on YouTube :) and all the ppl was like crazy! they look very happy! I'm glad to know that you where there!

  8. Haha! It was amazing thanks xD i loved it when they played Citizen Erased and Where the Streets Have no Name! But all of the concert was amazing really :D. That's good to hear that you're better :) it really really was amazing! Haha xD

  9. WOW! Louie :chuckle: how was? I imagine all that was amazing! omg! how lucky are you!!! hope you had a great time seeing muse!

    I've been fine, thanks my neck is much better now,and my days are fine also I can't complain at all at least I'm breathing by myself

    and you? are you still high about Muse & Glastonbury? I was watching some videos from 2006>2009 I think... that looks quite amazing!

  10. In almost every song he says 'you' or 'our'. Which i like it makes me feel like Matts singing to me
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