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  1. Sorry, I just can't :'( I got ripped off for it (and that was my mistake) and I'm trying to not lose a ton of money selling it. It was supposed to be my birthday present but the trip ended up not working out. I hope you find your tickets alright
  2. The lyric sample they chose for Matt is one of the worst he's ever written... lol, can't believe he's number 2
  3. Acting like a twat in the interview is obviously twattish but it's dumb to bring it up now if I was the interviewer I'd probably hate him too and would be happy to hate their music because of that, but srsly, it was 10 years ago and while it's likely that they've been twattish on other occasions, they're really polite and funny most of the time.
  4. :yesey: It was really a letdown, and there was no happy-ish or lighthearted-ness in the movie at all, which there should have been, since its a funny series.


    But, it's M. Night Shamallan (or however you spell that), so what can you expect? :rolleyes:

  5. Ahh you should get the rest of it!! Or watch it online :D I like watching a million in a row x3


    The movie makes me very sad but at least 99% of the fandom is united in hating it, and I think most people don't blame the source material, especially if they know anything about Shamalam and how much he sucks.

  6. Your Avvie :awesome:


    I'm sort of involved in an Avatar fandom-rage right now :$ We got part of the first season and all of the last season and its all I've been watching recently.


    This is after I saw the movie. Which was...:erm: not-so-good...

  7. She just sounds like some girl doing karaoke. And watching that first video that was linked, she seems like a dumbass. Not that that has anything to do with her karaoke-ish performance (or what you can see of it from that video). Seriously, if you insist on Muse, why THAT song? It showcases Matt's voice well, but it probably won't for any other person. Besides, the vocals, while strong, are not where that song's power rests imo.
  8. Yeah, I can't expect the movie to do well enough for a sequel...:erm: But that is how Water ended so at least they incorporated it? :LOL:


    That's amazing! I really can't wait, I've always though they could do something with a completely different Avatar, or maybe even go backwards and do an older Avatar (but since this is going forward...yeah). :D

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