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What song do you want to hear?  

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  1. 1. What song do you want to hear?

    • Muscle Museum
    • Sunburn
    • Cave
    • Citizen Erased
    • Bliss
    • Megalomania
    • Space Dementia
    • Apocalypse Please
    • Butterflies & Hurricanes
    • Ruled by Secrecy
    • Take A Bow
    • Assassin
    • I Belong To You
    • Dead Star
    • The Groove

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can't believe i got my tickets for this in april? and now is like... gone :(


real life sucks, Can i please have more Muse days/gigs/road trips/ etc?


+1 I felt the exact same way after the show ended. I got back to the hotel and immediately thought, "I waited six months for this and now it's over..." :(


I know :'( I remember back when I first got my tickets, it felt SO far away... and then, just like that, it was over :supersad:


I'm trying to look on the bright side though. I have four months til I see Lady Gaga (:awesome:) and then (if luck is on my side and Muse are playing) it'll be 5 months after that til Lolla.


And then...


Well. Then I'll just be depressed :LOL:

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You are!

My top 5 plays are Map first, hoodoo, dead star, fury and glorious.

I don't know where SS went, it used to be the first one-always- :erm:


Mine are like MOTP at something around 4000 hahaha, then like Exo Pt 1, Sunburn, Bliss, BaH... but those are kind of off because my iTunes reset at one point when I switched computers, etc. Like if you look at just this year it's probably more like MOTP and Fury. :D

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:LOL: tbh I listen to NSC a lot, too. :$


Mine is like, IBTY, NSC, USOE, Exo3 :facepalm:


:dance: Yes! How sweet are you to take on some of the heat? :kiss: We can start a support group for others who enjoy NSC deep down but are afraid to come out and say it for fear of persecution from angry mobs who want to pelt us with cheese balls. Oh what nightmares of death by cheese. :supersad:

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