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  1. Hey guys, I still have a ticket for tomorrow (18th) standing. Let me know if interested!
  2. SO much more excited for the Amsterdam and Berlin gigs now
  3. I still have a single seated ticket available if anyone knows someone who's interested. Details in Musebay.
  4. The seated tickets queue goes by the side doors. When I was there for The Offspring, Dexter walked right by and went through the doors surrounded by fans So you never know, one of them might pop around but now I'll just take the moment to laugh because Jamie will be queuing at the other side of the building
  5. Ok guys, silly question but figured I'd ask in case anyone knows. Just looked at my ticket confirmation and is says Lev 2, row GA1. I went on the seating plan and it says that Level 2 seating only goes to row F. Does anyone know what GA1 means then?
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