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  1. Figured I'd just settle for lawn tix. Not worth it?
  2. Didn't look like hard tickets were being handed out. Each winner got a pair of tix.
  3. Oh well. Need to save money anyway. They must add a second show though?
  4. You threw your name in a box and every 20 minutes they randomly drew a name for a total of 5 winners.
  5. id say we had a 1-2% chance to win. Better odds than AXS, I'm sure. This whole thing is a complete joke.
  6. The guitar center giveaway is done, and I come away empty handed yet again. Funny thing is I probably had a better probability of scoring tix this way than with AXS. Did anybody on here win??
  7. Hopefully they cap the general ticket sales by geo. 50% going to SoCal etc.
  8. The contest should be something fun. For the black keys' el camino launch party in NYC a few years back, they announced a random location to pick up the giveaway tix, first come first served. I cabbed it over SO fast to pick mine up!
  9. Interesting... I wonder how they'll determine the winners at the giveaways. I'll definitely be showing up to at least one of those locations this week, since the outlook for the general sale tomorrow looks pretty grim. Thanks for the heads up, Jessica!
  10. If people sold their codes to other fans attending the shows, that wouldn't really bother me. Even if scalpers already had accounts, though, people who buy from them wouldn't be able to get in because they wouldn't have the matching credit card + ID, right?
  11. sucks we couldn't get tix, but i'll live with the outcome as long as actual fans ended up getting tix. presumably, scalpers can't circumvent the system requiring attendees to present IDs and credit cards, right? there's no second-hand market for these tix?
  12. any point in continuing to try for tickets this morning? what a complete waste of my first hour at work today. christ.
  13. what a crock of shit. entered the waiting room at 9:55am and didn't manage to pick up tickets.
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