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Matt or Dom to win hottest male on NME  

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  1. 1. Matt or Dom to win hottest male on NME

    • Matt
    • Dom

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The NME awards are open to multiple votes by the same individuals. The polls on this forum are not and therefore seem more representative of member's views.


I thought it'd be interesting to see who forum users, that are interested in this award, (I know some people are not interested in it at all - fair enough) would like to win between Matt and Dom (if one of them was lucky enough to get the most votes).




Here's a link to the most important votes:


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We're just having a laugh. We didn't have a poll before. If you don't like the thread, just ignore it?


+1. Quite a few people are interested in this, even if it's just a bit of silliness. If you don't like it, don't look. It'll all be finished with in a fortnight :p

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