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  1. I have tickets to sell, please let me know if there is somewhere else I should post. I'm selling four (4) red section tickets for $350. I really want to go but I live in New Brunswick and lost my drive and companions. I really really don't want these tickets to go to waste!
  2. I'm selling a ticket to the show on the 21st if anyone is still looking. Red section, pretty good seat. Link
  3. Any idea how many tickets we can buy at one time? I'm bringing my family!
  4. I've tried the presale several times in the past few hours and it's showing that only VIP tickets are available. Is this possible, or am I just going to the wrong place?
  5. My hand went to my mouth in sheer touched-ness. Awesome story!
  6. Is it really so awful that they tailor their speech to appear gracious and not offend anyone? Matt and Dom are probably saying whatever they think is appropriate. They're not angsty 20 year olds anymore. At 31-32, and in the midst of trying to break the American market, I would expect no less from Muse.
  7. To be fair, writing catchy appealing songs is not easy. Bieber has written those good songs, and done a great job of branding himself. I think he is actually talented. And Matt does too obviously.
  8. Matt: 'We stand shortly to a massive economic collapse; in that I am sure." um...
  9. Matt has changed so much over the years. He knows how to control what he says when he needs to. I'm especially impressed with how he has managed not to comment too much on his relationship, but not being rude as well. I love that he's gettin close to KH's son. It warms my damned heart!
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