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  1. Then again those are also always slagged off who bring in their positive opinion. So no one can win, really. It's an endless circle, both sides are to blame just as much for the fighting that's been happening for about 9 years now. Can we at least agree on this?
  2. Every band's official board is the same 'though, with more negative vibe than in other forums. So would that make each band of these days shit?
  3. This discussion has been going on since 2001. It's nothing new, there will always be fans disappointed about something. But I agree, the negative vibe only keeps growing around here. To the point of even the band getting sick of it and getting all bitchy and sarcastic on gigs towards the board. I rarely have the energy to post here these days anymore.
  4. I agree with him 'though. I don't know many bands who'd have an equal opportunity with Muse to be remembered still after 50 or so years. They have a good chance right now to become legends, and it's all thanks to their talent and dedication alone.
  5. I heard about the wristband thing, the night before the gig, and headed off to the gates to get one for myself in the middle of the night but apparently they'd stopped giving them at 7pm already. I think it was pretty random and unfair. Besides it's pretty strange to give them to underaged people if they also included the afterparty thing because there's no way they could attend that.
  6. Err .. and how many gigs have you attended? Jeezus, let me be excited about the gig I've just experienced. It's what I saw around me and on stage, it's the feeling that I personally got from the show. My opinion, yours is your own. You thought it was average possibly, not sure because I can't read your mind, for me personally it was amazing. :)
  7. YEEESSS I saw Dom standing there! I think the other guy was Tom, not sure, looked like him. But it was definitely Dom. Chewing the gum again and all smiley at us when we noticed him. He was so amazing during the whole gig, just like Chris and Matt were too. Muse didn't disappoint. This show was the perfect proof that it is not the lenght of the setlist that makes a gig one of their best. It's the energy between the band and the crowd, and in Kaisaniemi it was definitely there. Memorable experience. Here is to the trio and the amazing crowd:
  8. It did not matter if there weren't many surprises. This was the best show they have ever played in Finland. The crowd was surprising, so loud and full of energy (except the few bored looking Russians in the front row who got pretty rude) and the band was on such a good mood the whole gig. They kept having these "what the fuck is going on here?!" faces and smiling at our crazy reactions all the time. They were on fire, no matter what they played, the crowd also bounced along no matter what was played. The weather was amazing as well, this was the best show I've ever attended from Muse. The guys and the crowd were both so happy. I still feel overwhelmed. I've never seen Chris smile so widely in Finland before. OR Dom, who also took a lot of contact to the crowd throughout the show. And I was one of the lucky ones many times. After that day I'm sure they will return here again when they can. Go Finland!
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