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Is Muse Fit To Play At the Super Bowl?


How would you feel if Muse perormed at the Super Bowl?  

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  1. 1. How would you feel if Muse perormed at the Super Bowl?

    • I would love it! Muse+Super Bowl = Sex
    • eww football...i would HATE it.
    • I can care less about football; I wouldn't mind seeing Muse perform,
    • *sigh* You americuns and your foozball...

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Sorry if this doesn't belong here, but now that Muse has established themselves as accomplished arena-rockers, it feel like its inevitable to see them perform at the super bowl in the near future. They certainly have songs that should get a whole stadium full of football heads fist pumping (KoC, Uprising) so i guess they can make it work. What do you guys think of the possibility of Muse performing in the Super Bowl some day?

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The super bowl isn't fit enough for Muse to play.


:awesome: +943969439064064060629696490


its not worthy of Muse goodness. And besides they'd probably ruin it with all these choreographed dancer bollocks like they do any other act. I hate that crap. No dancers, just the music, please! Just a bunch of hullaballoons and confetti FTW!

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A few albums from now yea. When U2 did it, there were no dancers, lol. That only happens with Prince, or whoever it was that has done it in the past. If they were to play the Super Bowl this year, and could play 3 songs, i would vote for




Knights of Cydonia

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Muse should NOT play at the super bowl. American 'Football' is a load of flashy bollocks for a bunch of panzies who need stupid amounts of protective gear. Rugby is more physical and all we need is a gum shield.


I'm American and agree. Can't they take being hit and slammed into like a man? :D Thats why I wish rugby was shown here.. its much more fierce and intense! :awesome:

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It's ARE Muse fit to play at the Super Bowl, christ, there's more than one person in the band

'Cept in America, we often refer to bands in the singular. Muse is one band; the members of Muse are a group of people. So a sentence like "Muse is going to play at the Super Bowl" makes perfect sense here.

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If Muse get offered a spot playing the half-time show and they want to do it, then sure, I'd watch it (just for Muse, can't stand American football).


But the likelihood of it happening within the next, say, 6 years is extremely low.


No. Muse playing the opening of the Summer Olympics in London though. That would be FANTASTIC.


Just pictured them playing KoC and Uprising at the opening ceremonies...almost got goosebumps...that would be fantastic.

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Very well then. Just remember that there should be a period or a semi colon after Super Bowl, capital C on Christ, and a period after band grammar Nazi. :)

And it's 'couldn't care less', not 'can'. :p


Because if you say you can care less, that means it's possible for you to care less than you currently do, which is probably not what you mean to say.


Hey, I'm paid to be a grammar Nazi.


But to answer the question, sure. I doubt it'd make the whole thing worth watching for me though. Youtube would be my friend.

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