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    24/4/2004 (purchased tickets, car broke down)
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    28/7/2006 (purchased tickets, got the flu)
    2/5/2007 (purchased tickets, concert was canceled due to food poisoning)
    2/8/2007 (about damn time; Muscle Museum was dropped from the setlist)
    15/3/2010 (same bloody setlist as two days before)
    12/10/2010 (purchased tickets, moved to South Korea)
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  1. Heh, one of the things that I told my wife years ago is that if they ever do a request-only concert in the U.S. I'm going, regardless of where it is. I honestly don't expect much this time around but they can't keep targeting A-tier concert prices and not give an A-tier concert. Something has to break.
  2. $360 for three floor tickets is bonkers (and I paid, so who's the sucker). This had better be a long damn setlist.
  3. I'll be there with at least one or two others. Really hoping we go back to a more traditional stage setup; the atmosphere was dead the last time they played Detroit. Plus the drone failures
  4. Well, that was a shit setlist, wasn't it? Eurasia was scheduled to be played but they got started a bit late and cut it. I thought the dil-drone crashing after thirty seconds was amusing, but what was certainly not amusing was the number of songs we got (16?) and the rarities played (0). Ugh.
  5. Muse has always played Ohio on their major tours, often multiple cities. Likely the second leg in the fall will fill in some of the mid-sized market gaps. Got my floor tickets, although I was tempted to go reserved since 122 should be a good section.
  6. The Palace is quite a bit nicer, but on the other hand using the people mover lets you park a distance away and not deal with post-gig traffic. And I appreciate the dinner options surrounding the arena. That cold, though.
  7. We'll be getting the first non-weekend Detroit gig Muse have played since early 2004. It looks like they got shafted on U.S. arena availability. Who's planning on braving the cold for this one?
  8. It looks like it's going to be a chilly weekend. I think our group is going to come up after lunch and hang out at Detroit Brewing for a bit before picking up our tickets. I'm not willing to brave the cold for hours just to get barrier, but we'll play it by ear.
  9. I picked up four GA tickets for our group--it looks like we'll be making the trip to Detroit with at least seven or eight people. I'm surprised how little traffic this thread is having; where is everyone else?
  10. I remember paying ≈$15 for tickets back in 2004 (unfortunately, I couldn't make it to the concert). Honestly, I was disappointed in the last tour's length/setlists. I hope the extra money is worth it this time around. Still unsure if I'll try to make it to more than one arena date or just go for one of the headlining festivals this time around.
  11. Yeah, I'd gladly take Joe Louis over the DTE. I'm just envisioning getting in and out of the area. It might not be pretty.
  12. Time to start the countdown now that we have a confirmed date. Who's going? I'm a bit disappointed they won't be at the Palace again; it's such a nicer place than Joe Louis (and much easier to get in and out of). At least it's on a Saturday; it should make coordinating travel plans and meetups much easier!
  13. When The Resistance was released, it had a sticker with all Uprising, Undisclosed Desires and Resistance listed, even though only Uprising was a single at that time. I wouldn't at all be surprised if Follow Me were the next single.
  14. Fair enough. I can't tell you how many times I've heard "Muse thinks they don't have fans in America!" followed by "They need to play here more often." I think to a certain extent you're right, but bear in mind that the European leg of the tour was nearly as horrible. And I think I might understand a bit of their motivation for the last tour. They've finally cracked mainstream awareness in America, and they were playing it safe to draw in new fans. Now, I'm not saying they made the right choice--I think most of the tour was horrible for older fans and those seeing them at multiple gigs. But you can't deny that first-timers were blown away by the singles. Look at the reaction to certain songs at R&L. Fan interaction was a lot higher during the second part of those gigs than the first.
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