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  1. Ahh some idiot has already started shouting "SHOWBIZ!". Don't be that person.
  2. I think there are a total of 2 Muse fans in the crowd....
  3. You know what, this song is a fucking jam and there's nothing you can do about it. Predict this will be Muse's highest charting song to date.
  4. With Imagine Dragons releasing their new album on the same day, I think ST will struggle to reach number 1 in most of Europe. Not too familiar with chart stats but would this be the first Muse album for quite some time to not hit the top spot?
  5. I'll be honest, I like it! Alright yeah it's no Stockholm Syndrome or Showbiz but fuck, they're 15 - 20 years ago of course it's not going to be anything like that! If it gets the airplay then I can see it being fairly popular, a bit like Kings and Queens by 30STM was a few years back. People love a good woah. People like the Holocaust a little less however so that may not go down so well with the easily offended aka everybody in this day and age.
  6. The bridge onwards sounds a lot like Glorious by Andreas Johnson. Very easy to sing the melody to Glorious to the backing of Dead Inside anyway!
  7. I can't help but feel there are just too many words in this song for it ever to become a sing along, good single! It's like, I get the idea it's the introduction to a story but it's soooo wordy.
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