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Are there any Muse songs or parts of Muse songs that just leave you breathless?



For me:


In Butterflies and Hurricanes, when the piano Solo starts after the trill. Gives me shivers. :LOL:


In Redemption, after Matthew starts singing at 2:10. :eek:


The Eura-sia! Chant in United States of Eurasia, and also the trills during Collateral Damage.


And of course, the chorus in Mon Coeur S'ouvre A Ta Voix leading to the Ooooh! part. :D

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"We Must Run" - Resistance

"Sing for Absolution (Chorus)" - Sing for Absolution

"Can't Get it Right" - Map of the Problematique

First verse of Assassin. The harmonies. Amazing. Look up Assassin acappela.

"No One's Gonna Take me Alive" - Knights of Cydonia

Undisclosed Desires chorus. So catchy. Last chorus, the oooohs.

New Born piano part.

I Belong to You piano part.


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when the guitar drops in Overture

Intro/outro of Space Dementia

The spacey breakdown of apocalypse please.

Harmonies on "fall" in MK Ultra

Harmonies on "I can't get it right" of MotP

Climax of Take A Bow and epic final note

Ending of Citizen's Erased

"You'll Wake the Thought Police"

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There's soooooo many of them. I can't even remember them all.... I'll have to make a legit list and post it sometime... but I'm listening to Resistance right now - so I have to post that... It's one of the top literally-makes-me-stop-breathing songs xD.


The opening to Resistance

The piano opening (and returning piano throughout the song) to Resistance

The kick ass drums to Resistance

"Love is our resistance" in Resistance (way gets me.)

"Hold me" in Resistance (this REALLY REALLY REALLY gets me...)

"You'll wake the Thought Police" in Resistance

"We must run" in Resistance



So basically.... RESISTANCE. Lmfaoooo.

But the whole song.... just. OH MY JESUS. <33333333333333.

Takes my breath away. It's painful to listen to if I listen to it at night and with head phones and JUST listen - cause of the way I kind of put the story to the song. :[. But amazingness <33.

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Redemption: 'This time we'll get it, get it riiiiiiiiiight. It's our last chance to forgive ourselves'.- gets me everytime.


Bliss: When the guitars kick in.


SS: 'This is the last time I'll abandon you, and this is the last time I'll forget you. I wish I could.' The piano behind this plus the lyrics and...well the whole song is awesome.


Hell, I could go on and on and on...

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Stockholm Syndrome - "This. Is. Theee lasst tiiiime i'llll AAAAAABAAAAAAAAAANDON YOUUUU!" Greatest chorus of all time. The piano, arpeggios and that strange rising synth/strings really elevate that chorus.

Take A Bow - The climax. Oh, how I came.

Space Dementia - Outro. The angriest and most powerful guitar work Matt has ever done.

Redemption - After the climax, those mournful final few bars.

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Heavy outro of Space Dementia (before the zip comes in)


Hutterflies & Burricanes piano solo.


Map of the Problematique from 3:19


The heavy part of Take a Bow (and that last, huge note)


Megalomania from 3:54 (and again, that last huge note)


The outro of Citizen Erased.




All of Exogenesis.


And much more :)

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"Our wrongs remain unrectified, and our souls won't be exhumed" in Sing for Absolution, gets me every time.

The last "I WISH I COULD!" in Stockholm Syndrome, such famous last words and so much emotion put into only those 4 words.

"Life will flash before my eyes, so scattered and lost, I want to touch the other side" and "Why can't we see, that when we bleed we bleed the same?" in MOTP

The chorus in Knights

"I can't forgive you, and I can't forget" in Overture, again with so much emotion put into it so it's just chilling.


Yeah those :yesey: I have many others, but they don't really mean as much to me as those ones up there, so I left it like that.

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sing for absolution..- sing for absolution

breathe in deep and cleans away yout sins- fury

beginning of newborn

be mine and your innocence i will consume- darkshines

3° lets start over again-redemption

love is our resistance-resistance

hoplessly i love you endlessly.. endlessly

last'hold you in my arms'- starlight


and maaaaaaaaany other...

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- Resistence - all of it is breathtakingly well one

- Stockholm Syndrome - this is the last time I abandon you!

- Knights of Cydonia - no ones going to take me alive!

- Citizen Erased - guitar solo

- Plug in Baby - my plug in baaabbbuyyyy!!!!\

- Micro Cuts - outro

- Sunburn - guitar solo

- Redemption - this time we'll get it right

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redemption: get it right


oh my god i actually shudder when i hear the *riiiiiiiiiight*


hmm, the very beginning of city of delusion, as in the first second. i kind of die.


as others have said.. this. is. the last time i'll abandon you


um, basically all of motp. and falling away with you.


and we'll pray that there's no god to punish us from fury


no idea why but "we really fucked it up" from crying shame


there are so many more (as lame as that sounds, but it's true)


(and lol i win at being grammatically consistent in this post)

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