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    Really. I'm pretty boring. I'm the single mother of two and a nurse. I'm almost finished writing a novel (and I promise no vamps. And while I discovered Muse while writing it, I cannot say they were an inspiration for the story).
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    Pennsylvania, USA
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    Writing, Singing, Visual arts.
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    Registered Nurse
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    Muse has been stuck in my CD player for months now. I can't get it out...I hit eject and the cd pops out and then I black out and when I wake up another Muse Cd is in my player...freaky!
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    Ohhh, so many.
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    Not much of a TV watcher, but I have been faithful to Lost.
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    I love to read and will read just about anything if it peaks my interest.
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    not enough...working on that...
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    9/29/09- Fed Ex Field, DC
  1. Thanks, SourceNRG. Don't worry. I'm happy you haven't gotten your tickets, too.
  2. Gah! It's been ages since I've been on here! Nice to see some familiar faces still hanging about. Quick question: Has anyone gotten their tickets yet? I ordered mine through Ticketmaster in the middle of October and I still have not received them. I hope they weren't lost in the mail...
  3. Oh, I wish we could join you guys for dinner, but I don't think we'll be in C'ville until 6-ish. I also wish I was in the boardie section. Buying my tickets late because I was broke when they went on sale SUCKS! This time tomorrow I'll be in the car on my way to see
  4. Something viral. The rapid strep test came back negative, so now we just have to manage the symptoms until it clears up on it's own. He'll be fine. I'm still holding out hope for somthing special in C'ville, so I'm not too bummed...Yet. I must see videos of CE.
  5. Well, I planned on riding the sexyplane tonight, but my son is sick and it looks like I'll be at the local urgent care center during the gig. Poor guy. I think he might have strep throat .Blah! Maybe I'll get back before the plane has landed. Happy flying! I have good vibes about this gig too.
  6. I cant' wait for this show now! I hope my section isn't lame. I'm in 301, row A, so I guess I'll be blocking everyone behind me when I stand up and dance. I'm not sure what I'll be wearing for the meetup, but I think I remember what Iburnslikethesun looks like. But, just in case, I'll be the woman accompanied by two ridiculously good looking kids. When and where are the seaters meeting again?
  7. Oh yeah, I forgot about that. He looked like he was having so much fun doing that. I'm in the seats in VA and I'm actually looking forward to the different perspective. Although, nothing beats the pit.
  8. It wasn't a 'No you cannot have Bliss, assholes' shake of the head. It was a 'This is too funny' shake of the head. I should have been more specific. Okay, my recap. Awesome gig, as always. I started 3 people back from the barrier on Matt's side, behind Jigsaw (hilarious, btw), but ended up getting shoved back and over during Starlight, of all songs . The crowd was awesome. I kept getting shoved into this guy in front of me and he kept looking back at me like I was doing it on purpose. Next time he needs to get seat tickets. He didn't dance or jump, or sing or anything It was nice to meet Bear and Mizutsu. Mizutsu, thanks for letting me take a picture of your Matt-zeta. He was And thank YOU, Bear for the ticket. I'm glad you made it home okay. The power outage was hilarious. I'm glad they finished the song. I would have been bummed if they hadn't. I can't wait for Wednesday in VA. But tonight I'll be flying the sexyplane to ward off PMS.
  9. Hey sexy planers! I plan to tweet as much as I can while I sing, dance and bounce at the barrier. My twitter is @elight300. I appoligize in advance for any funky, barely coherent tweets. Sooooo excited!
  10. Nighty-night, planers. I'd love to hang around, but I have to wake up early and go to work. But after work I get to prepare for MY gig! I'll try to tweet Sat night, but I might not be able to. My twitter is @elight300
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