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  1. does anyone have a link to a video to just watch them winning & accepting it? I... don't really wanna watch the rest right now XD.
  2. Hey guys. So, I was supposed to go to this gig, but it's looking like all odds and gods and powers are against me going. Now, I am stuck with 2 GA tickets for the Columbus show that I can't fucking use. -dies- So, they are for sale - up on the Musebay thread. Just wanted to let this thread know... . PM if interested.
  3. I'm sure there's tons of amazing venues in Europe that could host gigs like this but this totally left out the US... and there is plenty of great concert hall venues in the United States.
  4. I'd love this. That being pretty much a dream for me, it'd still be amazing to see it even without playing for it. And it's not like they would need a 100-piece orchestra. They could have maybe 4/5 on each instrument in the strings then random brass/woodwind that they need. Or give those solos to string players just for the heck of it lol.
  5. We are planning to leave town mid day Friday after my morning class. But we have lots of stuff planned out to do in Cinci! . Have Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday! . Then Monday kinda too, but we won't be seeing the city then... Hehe.
  6. -pops in from disappearing from the thread for EVER- HI GUYS! XD. Definitely buy them. All my Muse purchases have been more than worth it times infinity. Even though I had to work my butt off to get everything. (Seriously, I would take gigs years ago with the mindset of 'okay, so if i do this, i'll get paid JUST enough to buy this muse thing and that other muse thing and then i can have this much to save for that other thing!' lmfaoo.)
  7. They definitely did. It was so great to see. . Not to say they don't look happy to play everything but this song especially tonight with The Edge and all it was just a very seemingly-happy moment for them all! . I knoww, haha. I feel bad for saying that, kinda. Cause I saw U2 in October (because of Muse opening for them, but oh well) and they performed that and they were great, I love them. But THIS is just like... O.O. I don't know. It was just mind-blowing for me. xD.
  8. Did anyone else get chills listening/watching this tonight at Glastonbury?! I definitely did and I know I can't possibly be the only one. I don't think there are words, but I was curious to see others' reactions to the cover. I thought it was amazingggggggg.... but that's obvious. xD. Oh and the adorable smiles from Matt? Hah, just made my night! X). Great job guys, seriously one amazing gig. <3. .
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