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    A few details about myself.
    Now,where are they?
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    Music,Art,and football (watching it dyyd).

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    I depress,I annoy and I argue.
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    Royksopp,Air,Bonobo,Calvin Harris,Miike Snow,various Korean boybands (even though kPop is God awful!)
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    That's too many to list!
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    Community,Malcolm In the Middle,The X-Files,The Big Bang Theory,The Simpsons. Masterchef maybe.
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    There is an absolute genius of a writer called Rohinton Mistry and I will marry him someday.
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    Black Holes and Revelations,Origin of Symmetry.There are no Muse CDs where I live.
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    Muse never came within 500 miles of where I live:(
  1. *cries because I have not logged onto the forums in eons and I have missed this stupid shit*

  2. http://vestidosdefiestabaratos.tumblr.com/



    Vestidos de fiesta barato son un necesidad para el closet de cualquier chica sin embargo el costo de muchos te puede ser cambiar de opinión.

    Para elegir 1 buen vestido debes de tener en cuenta el tipo de cuerpo que tienes. Nunca es lo mismo escoger 1 vestido con para 1 chica pequeña o mujer de estatura alta. Para 1 mujer con bastante pecho. Después debes de tener en cuenta el momento y el estilo personal.

    Si posees caderas anchas y hombros más estrechos (cuerpo triangular es recomendable llevar vestidos que permitan los hombros al descubierto para atraer la atención de la gente.

    Para las damas de contextura delgada es recomendable buscar vestidos de fiesta baratos pegados al cuerpo. Puedes llevar 1 material que llame la atención, así como diseños bonitos.


    link pls (✿◠‿◠)

  4. I don't appear in the search. Do you have an account? :o

  5. What is your facebook name, then?

  6. Or just get a flipping Facebook account already. -.-

  7. o.o

    Oh em geee.

    I always forget that I'm younger than you!


    Ah :/ Well, do check anyway. Either for Viber or Whatsapp. I'd like to talk proper. Coming on the boards is a hassle.

  8. Yeah man, I'm like, an adult and stuff now.


    And na, I have a windows phone, I don't think its in their app store :/

  9. Shit, you're in Uni? o.o



    I cannot express the level of mind-blow




    You got Viber?

  10. University is hard.

  11. Happy belated, dudes :kiss:

    How's life treatin ya?

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