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John Paul Jones kaoss Manson lapsteel Manson


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I don't like the look of that thing... would like to see how he uses it though!

Isn't the second guitar player in this vid the one from Eagles?




Well, the second guitar player is Alain Johannes, who did some stuff with EoDM, but he's not one of the main members of EoDM. I saw Them Crooked Vultures and Eagles of Death Metal at Reading Festival, they were incredible!

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He talks about Hugh Manson in this interview




What were some of the basses you played?


They’re all made by Hugh Manson; Manson guitars. Uhh, yeah the four-string bass is normal but it’s a Manson; 10-string bass on “Gunman” which is like a five-string bass with double strings, octave strings like a 12-string guitar type of idea. From low E to high C. The bass on “Daffodils” is a 12-string from low B to high C; a bass mandolin on “Elephants” which is tuned in fifths like a mandolin – G to E again with sort of 12-string type octave strings. The 10- and 12-string basses are in stereo so the neck pickup goes to the bass rig and the bridge pickup goes to a Bad Cat guitar rig. So it gives a very wide sound. What else am I using? I use a Yamaha bass; one of Josh’s many obscure Japanese guitars that he has.

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I am ridiculously sorry to bump a ridiculously old thread.


I've just got into TCV, new favourite band. JPJ's lapsteel is wierd but, very cool IMHO.


One thing I wonder is; what does he use the XY for? I don't hear any use for it. The only thing I would have thought of is the filter on Interlude with Ludes, but he uses a flippin keytar on that.


Does anyone else know?

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