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    I used to own one of Matt Bellamys Manson Guitars:-)
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    playing guitar, going to gigs
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    Muse, Radiohead
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    all of the above
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    glasto 2000, Colston Hall 2001, Portsmouth 2002, BIC 2003, Exeter 2003, Glasto 2004, Earls Court 2004, Eden 2006, Cardiff 2006, Wembley 2007, Teignmouth x 2 2009, 02 Arena 2009, Wembley 2010, Birmingham 2012, Emirates 2013, Horse Guards Parade 2013

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  1. Buy my MB-1S, you know you want to UK only because of the Rosewood Police https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2014-Manson-MB-1S-Matt-Bellamy-Signature-Guitar-Pick-Matthew-MB1-MB-1-MUSE-MB-1/323055444238?hash=item4b379ae10e:g:YkwAAOSwNDJaeLTG
  2. Or a guitar built by Huge Mansion for 799 imperial credits of the realm... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Manson-Strat-HSS-Stunning-Guitar-Sound-Amazing-Muse-Matt-Bellamy-Reduced-/142252895797?hash=item211eeeee35:g:tvEAAOSwMtxXvD7t
  3. Cheaper than it was 2 years ago! https://reverb.com/uk/item/466428-new-manson-mb-1-matthew-bellamy-signature-electric-guitar-red-glitter-ohsc-coa Mind you, it does use the same photos as the previous listing......do they actually have the guitar???
  4. Maybe they were ordered but the customers cancelled the orders, a lot can happen in a year
  5. I saw Santa 2.0 at the works a few years back, it only looks like that when it has spotlights pointing at it. In normal lighting it doesn't look quite so epic, keep that in mind
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