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  1. Hi guys, haven't been on here for years, but I wanted to ask your opinion on Matt's current live sound... The 3 Kemper-sound I guess? I have watched multiple live vids now and all i can conclude is that his live tone kinda sucks. It sounds muffles, squashed and too compressed all at once. As if the wall of sound is being pushed through a 6 inch speaker with a lack of highs...
  2. I use my Micro POG all the time for various purposes, I'm in a three-piece band and having it on during improv/solo stuff makes it so much fuller!
  3. Had a blast at the gig, though there are some points of critique: no Dead star, no Stockholm Syndrome. The sound was 'ok' though it varied too much from song to song. Undisclosed Desires wasn't powerful enough, just like the ending of New Born, which was pretty weak too. Piano on Sunburn wasn't loud enough at time, and bass was all over the place at times. I hate the Amsterdam Arena for this, would've been much better at Goffertpark. There was also too much dynamic in my opinion, songs went from just a bit too soft to too much bass/drums. A lot of criticism, but I really did fuckin enjoy it! Oh by the way, almost fell asleep during Biffy Clyro, what a boring, arrogant, overhyped shit band. Thinking they are rock gods while sounding like shit.
  4. My rig for tomorrow! It's ourt third gig and I'm really excited. Spent quite some time dialing everything in and I'm happy with it!
  5. Wiring could be shit, mine wasn't properly grounded at first for example.
  6. I quite like my blacktop tele's pickups (stock). Even at high gain, high level and pretty close to my JVM it doesn't squeal at all...
  7. Massive thanks guys! Really Useful information here! The main reason she has got the LS2 already is because it'd be a shame if she had a RAT for example and THEN had to save money for a LS2 (I know, opinions on this may very, but this is her take on this!) Now that I mentioned the RAT, I definitilywill suggest it She had a bit of luck with money and now has a Boss LS2, Bass Big Muff, White Finger Compressor and a Bass Wah. So a RAT would probably nice! We're a three piece band by the way, so there's enough space for bas-madness also that Micro Synth sounds usefull, as well as an octave pedal. Though my knowledge with these on bass doesn't go further than the OC-2. Also, on my side of the story, a tubescreamer was mentioned, definitely an option. Would a octave fuzz be any good? I can imagine it'd be quite fun mixed with a Big Muff.
  8. I have 2 questions and I hope you guys can help me I'm looking for a dirt pedal on my board to work in a chain from my LS-2, with a Micro POG > Big Muff in the other chain, to create a blend between the 2. I'm either looking for a fuzz or an overdrive pedal. Personally, I think a rather treble heavy pedal would work well with the Big Muff (with or without the POG), but I'd like to hear what you guys recommend. The other thing is for our bassplayer. We're looking for pedals to add to her board that can be used in various ways/are versatile/not just a one trick pony. She has a Bass Big Muff she's happy with, next on the list will probably be an OD/compressor/wah, or something else (not too expensive, let's say 150 pounds max.) I'd appeciate recommendations on either those types of pedals, or other original ideas edit: it was her birthday a few days ago and she's made quite the investment since then, she now has: EHX White Finger Compressor, EHX Bass Big Muff and the Boss LS-2, mainly for future bass-sucking dirt pedals etc.
  9. Yeah, but you play bassguitar, which isn't realy important at all in a band.. ..or is it? Looks awesome by the way, what is that little silver-ish pedal in the middle for?
  10. maaaaaaaybe. Thanks Lord MFC, it was quite a b*tch to get it set up like this... I think with all the changes overtime it has easily been hours to get it like this. One thing is tha it barely fits really.. The main problem was the wah peddle, the screws/rubber 'feet' were needed to hold it together, but it made it impossible to pleace it on the board, so I had to 'tape' it shut, yeah, I think I should call it that. ..and all I'm thinking is how I would fit a dirt pedal on it if I ever wanted to, and I am wanting to..
  11. Has anyone of you had the change to try out the new Boss Adaptive Distortion DA-2? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdw7uDQZ4YQ I'm not a fan off Boss' distortion-boxes, but this thing does sound good to my ears, would be very useful when you're in a tight spot where you can't bring out alot of your own gear and still want a good distortion (and yes, I know there are millions of good ones out there, but could this be added to the list maybe?) I looked up the new Tera Echo TE-2 too, looks and sounds cool too, have yet to see the MO-2.
  12. Yeah, more or less, though I have yet to find good use for it. You see, it only works when you kick it real hard and then it still only produces a very weak signal, it's quite the tone sucker too.
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