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I want to dress up like Matt Bellamy


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And walk around town following my daily routine. Joking.


Theres an 18th party coming up in a couple of months, and the theme is what you want to be when your older.

I immediately thought Matt Bellamy.


I could go as red matt from wembley, lab coat matt (although people may mistake for for a science teacher) hullabaloo matt, or something like that.


Any clothes i could wear? where to get them from? and any other ideas?

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Don't do it, you'll just look like a total tit.


HUMOUR! It's a party! Dress up as a gynacologist or a badger or Dr. Evil or Captain Scarlet or something like that, something people will find funny.


+1 Nobody will know who you are

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Go as Pete Doherty.. surely everyone wants to be like him?!?!! Just don't wash for a week and you'll have the look down to a tee.... :yesey:

And dip your hands into black ink and wash away some of it to replicate the soot from a crack pipe on your hands.

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