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Citizen Erased vs The Globalist


Citizen Erased vs The Globalist  

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  1. 1. Citizen Erased vs The Globalist

    • Citizen Erased
    • The Globalist

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Citizen Erased is perfection though.


Yes it is.


Citizen Erased smashes practically every single Muse song in a head-to-head IMHO, only TaB, SS and Exo can knock it down for me. Nothing on Drones has changed that, not even The Handler.


I think Globalist has got potential, I can see it being a contender once it grows on me more in the next few months, but yeah it's always difficult trying to better CE. It's just too good

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Citizen Erased but the gap isn't as wide as some Musers will say it is. Both are top ten Muse songs as far as I'm concerned but CE is def #1.


This. The Globalist is a masterpiece. And its one of their most ambitious pieces ever and in that regard it does not disappoint. It disappoints because the heavy bit wasn't as developed as it shouldve been. Not even just considering length. The fact that its 2 minutes isn't a problem. The problem is 1:30 of that is buildup to the countdown and only 30 seconds is actual goosebump giving chaos after the countdown. It would've benefited from some kind of variation on that riff as well.

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