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  1. I'm actually currently in a state of shock. I had such low expectations, so much so that I even forgot the release date until this morning. Muse have put out a great album here and this is from a Showbiz/OOS era fan! Algorithm is the best album opener since Take A Bow. I actually can't decide which version of it I prefer but after back to back listens I slightly lean towards the album version. Propaganda got me hooked by the second listen. Very nice indeed. I have a feeling this will be great live. Speaking of live, Break It To Me kicks HARD. The funk is here and it's phat as phuck. Actually the whole album is immaculately produced and the bass is as powerful as ever! Such a bonkers song but I really dig it Get Up And Fight...yes it's weak but I prefer it to Something Human and it's definitely better than Revolt. Blockades is another that improved with multiple listens. Definitely stock Muse but it works in the context of the album and I'm a sucker for arpeggios The Void had potential to be phenomenal after the first 2 minutes but it loses its way somewhat. I definitely appreciate what they were going for with it though. Dig Down Gospel and Dark Side Alternate are great! Pressure is a great single too! Well done guys 7.5/10 PS - DID I MENTION HOW GOOD ALGORITHM IS??!!
  2. The mix was actually decent. Hysteria sounded huge!
  3. Hysteria and Mercy have been shown so far. I'm sure Matt has tweaked his guitar tone to make the tunes sound more "metal"
  4. Paradise comes at a price that I am not prepared to pay
  5. I think this might be my new favourite. I keep flicking to the start of JFK when I'm walking home from work. I feel ace after!
  6. - Riff = Plug In Baby - Bass = Hysteria - Guitar solo = Reapers - Drums = Map Of The Problematique - Piano = Butterflies & Hurricanes - Vocals = Ruled By Secrecy - Backing vocals = Supermassive Black Hole - Chorus = Futurism - Verses = Fury - Intro = Stockholm Syndrome - Outro = Cave - Lyrics = Megalomania
  7. I'm still convinced that people forced themselves to like this... Almost everyone disliked it on their initial hearing! It's akin to hearing a crappy pop song by Katy Perry and then eventually liking it because you've heard it so many times on the radio or TV etc
  8. Definitely! That verse in particular is way too short. This song has really grown on me though. If you just zone out and take it all in, it really sounds great
  9. I don't think I've known a Muse song to have so many people change their opinion on it! 81 people said they didn't like it originally. I bet about 50 of those have changed their minds now.
  10. As has been said before: the change from chorus back to verse isn't too bad, but the one from verse to chorus is UNFORGIVEABLE!
  11. The tempo changes are shitty. That's my main problem with it
  12. I couldn't agree more with this. A slightly more stripped down version with less strings and less backing vocals would be perfection
  13. Great album until Revolt. Even Mercy has grown on me a bit! However, Revolt kills the momentum completely. Aftermath is alright actually, but The Globalist being a let down really makes the album go out with a wimper. It had potential to be in their top 3 albums. But it misses out for me. Edit: JFK into Defector is genuinely brilliant
  14. All I here is "killed by drones" over and over again. I just can't get past the lyrics I do appreciate the effort and balls it took to make a track like this but I'll never enjoy it. A shame really
  15. The heavy section lasts 2 whole minutes. It's essentially one riff over and over again...not bad going :-/ Still not sold on this song, I'm so disappointed in it
  16. Finally listened to this now I've been able to get it off iTunes. Had only previously heard the poor rip for the leak...the last minute or so isn't half as bad as I initially remember!
  17. Citizen Erased Showbiz Exo part 1 - Overture Fury Stockholm Syndrome The Handler Ruled By Secrecy Hyper Music Map Of The Problematique Cave
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