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Really looking forward to Defector and Revolt too, I fel like they could be really heavy. Time for jimmyneutron to make a thread about them both :)




So far only 2 confirmed slow songs? Matt said in the aussie interview that revolt and defector are both heavy

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Is this the one Matt called his favorite most recently? Or the heaviest?


I can't even keep up with that anymore.


I think Matt said it was the darkest, not sure about his favourite. Pretty sure I remember Dom saying it was his favourite though (as well as The Globalist).

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Dom said to a fan before/after one of the Psycho Tour gigs that his favourite was The Globalist, and then changed his mind and said that The Handler is his new favourite (don't know when)


Yeah. Let's compile the info:


Dom's favorite: The Globalist --> now The Handler


Matt's "darkest" track: Psycho --> now Defector

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