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  1. Hey, Not sure if I'm being stupid or it's a bug, but (as you can tell) I am logged in fine on the Muse forums, however when I click off of the forums, not only am I signed out, but when I try and sign it it says "Sorry, we could not log you in - please try again". I'm just trying to log into the section to access presale codes! (Which, afaik, is outside the forums) Cheers Adam
  2. *TICKET AVAILABLE* Want to be fair and square and let both Reddit and .mu see. Before anyone says transfers are impossible, they are possible. I've just spoken to TM. I can 100% confirm. Please see the link for more information. It is (only) a level 3 seating, but a ticket is a ticket I guess. EDIT: Before anyone asks, I will not take extra money for the ticket. Face value only. I am not a tout
  3. Now .mu has had a solid shot a tickets, would it be respectable to tell the /r/Muse community about it? I want to make a thread but I feel bad
  4. Hey guys, Long shot as always but never hurts to ask. I've heard there are a few people with a single standing ticket that due to knee/leg/whatever problems would prefer seating. Cheers. I know it's a long shot but still.
  5. How I relate to lyrics always tends to depend my mood But the majority of Showbiz, part of Absolution and the ending of Hodoo really sticks out. Also The Handler, as someone previously said
  6. So Muse sold out the O2 on consecutive days within 24 hours, at £70 a ticket?! Damn that's impressive... Noticed on TM it said each ticket comes with a copy of Drones. Great. I already have a copy so I'd rather save a few quid on my ticket ffs...
  7. What's it like? Any info?? Still deciding but looks like I'm going on my own !!
  8. Anyone there care to say what the queue is like?
  9. Guys guys guys trying not to have a panic attack.. Me and a friend live 45 mins away. Is there still chance of tickets
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