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I had a dream I got lost in fucking Singapore how did you all get Drones?


Last night was the only time I've dreamed about Drones. And it was just The Handler.


I think this may be accurate actually, your last statement. I have a feeling a large amount of people expecting this to sound like the Muse we (most of the board anyways) has loved for a long time will end up being disappointed.


Reviews have mentioned things about the song's elements but we don't really know about the tone or how the song comes cross sonically. For all we know it could have massive drums and a great riff but end up sounding campy and up-beat. I don't think it will I'm just saying it is a possibility. Just something to think about. I've let my hype come down a bit when I realized this possibility.


My hype for the song has decreased vastly after the dream. It's sort of like I still feel the disappointment.

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Pretty cool subject matter.


So this'll most likely have the 'Follow the yellow brick road' sample in it as well? This song is sounding more and more promising. Getting hard to control the hype.


I assume yes, as Wizard of Oz was believed to be one of the biggest pieces used as a "trigger" - in addition to apparently having all sorts of occult and conspiracy theory type double meanings.

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