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  1. The overwhelming majority outside of here are positive to all Muse, however. I frequent here because I semi know the regulars and everyone gets caught up in the hype and have a laugh. It's usually after a release, unless it's a more traditional rock song like Handler or Reapers, where toxicity occurs and the majority are claiming how shit Muse are. I mean, if you're that upset with Muse and are that annoyed and aggressive about it, why not just leave it and find something else for a while instead of hating them on their own forum? I get constructive criticism. That's important. More important than positivity, in my opinion, because getting your favourite things and people to improve is better than having then get worse to universal applause. However, it's not constructive, most of the time, and seems to just be people saying that current Muse is shit and they want old Muse back. At that point if I were feeling as such, I'd just go and talk about something else I love somewhere else because negativity has a habit of only getting worse. This place was the only place I'd actively frequent while into Muse until I joined the subreddit a couple of months back. It can be positive (just look at Jobby), and is always up for a laugh, but the amount of hate with their new music is a bit much and when there's a new release and I'm buzzing and ecstatic, that ecstasy drops substantially when I read most fans raging as I'm quite empathetic and the song loses its charm a bit for me. It's just surprising when I see people talk about how much better other bands are atm when these are regulars on a .Muse forum, so surely Muse should be around the top of band lists to those who frequent?
  2. Honestly you'd be surprised that this is a Muse forum at times. I frequent many forums over time and I've never been on a forum that can so fervently hate what it was made for. I go to a couple of muse discords, and see Facebook posts from groups I follow, and go to the official reddit, and they all seem to love Muse as I do. Everywhere I went I saw people loving Thought Contagion but come here and it can be intoxicating. I'm incredibly excited to see what they'll do with this album. It's not as good a year musically for me as last year, no, because last year I got Alt J, Killers, Nothing But Thieves, Royal Blood, Chvrches, and Imagine Dragons, all of which with incredibly good albums imo. This year has my two favourite bands, though, Muse and Arctic Monkeys, so who knows what tomorrow will bring
  3. Sort of similar, but it's more curiosity for AM for me. I'm more excited for Muse's album as a whole, but it's further away, I know the general sound and style, and we've had a song every year from them since their last albums which was only three years ago. They seem to be more active than they've been in a looong time, which might be to stay in the public eye as I don't think they draw the attention that they used to. AM, however, hasn't released any new material in five years, the album us out next month, and we have no idea what they'll sound like at all.
  4. This is a really old list but I probably still agree with it: The Handler Citizen Erased Megalomania Showbiz Stockholm Syndrome Time is Running Out Hyper Chondriac Music Fury New Born Hysteria (10)
  5. I looove Thought Contagion at the moment! It could really fit in with Black holes with a few tweaks! I've had family members say that this sounds like the Muse they know to me! Hope we get more songs like this on the album.
  6. My god the air of pretentiousness here is intoxicating. Whether or not you enjoyed Madness and Dig Down is subjective; but to call them shit and accuse Muse of changing for bigger audiences and dumbing down is just stupid. Madness and Dig Down are both great tracks. I'd rather Muse do what they enjoy than making songs they don't for their core audience. All bands change and adapt and I'm sick of the negativity and whining here. I'd love some heavier stuff too but Muse do most genres they've attempted very well. And it's both patronising and pretentious to just consider all popular music drivel and think that Muse is falling to a lower level. I mean, first, Dig Down is not a pop track. It's very different to that. I'd still say it sounds very Muse, just more electronic. I'm excited for Thought Contagion regardless of the genre they're attempting. I'd actually dislike another Absolution because that whole album had a very similar sound and, while my second favourite album, if say it's the most samey, unoriginal, and safe they've done, with each song having that same bass and theme pretty much.
  7. Hysterias video is easily my favourite and trumps all the others imo. I think Drones's videos and lyric videos have all been except bar Revolt. Dead Inside is gorgeous and compelling. But hysteria, with its Memento call backs and that is just excellent.
  8. Hm that's interesting. So many things I love aren't doing anything this year. It's like the biggest gap year for me. At least I have Arctic Monkeys and hopefully a new Bethesda game
  9. I kind of expect Muse to release album 8 this year. It's been every three years since, what, Absolution? Given there's been no update on what's happening with the album, I'm assuming well get it Autumn time. Am I dead wrong in this prediction?
  10. Lyrics have nothing to do with how light a sing is. You can dance to the Egyptian sounding CoD but Resistance is mainly just depressing with the odd jarring pop part. [ Psycho and Reapers are, they're just not pop. CoD is one of the catchiest songs they've made. MKU is very Muse and doesn't have that sound that could make it into the charts. It's a bit OoS weird. Unnatural Selection is samey throughout and is just rock. Only rock song that got popular was Uprising, and that was because it was extremely catchy, despite how dark it sounded. How can you think that Resistance, an album with Resistance and a three part symphony, is more catchy and modern than Black Holes, an album that has popular, catchy song one after the other and no songs that don't belong in our time? I don't get how anyone doesn't get that from the Egyptian sounding CoD. It's light, fast and cheerful. OoS could be dark, but it was all over the place like 2nd Law is. It doesn't have one set theme running through it.
  11. Half of the ones you've mentioned have had a catchy beat to them that the public will remember, and Assassin, CoD and possibly Map are all light hearted. You've also conveniently left out half of the album? Compare to The Resistance and Drones, where the former only has two songs that have a light sound to them (Guiding Light and I Belong to You) and only three songs that are accessible to the public due to being catchy (Uprising, Undisclosed Desires and Guiding Light), and the latter has three songs with a light sound to them (Dead Inside, Mercy and Revolt). I'd say every odd album so far has been the dark, bass heavy, rock albums (Showbiz, Absolution, Resistance and Drones), with the even ones being lighter. If I wanted to listen to catchy music that cheers me up and makes me happy, I'd definitely switch on Black Holes or 2nd Law. I'd say that Take A Bow, Soldier's Poem and Hoodoo are the only songs on Black Holes album I wouldn't recommend to the average person, with literally every other song being accessible. I've always saw Resistance and Drones as dark when I imagine them. Black Holes is all very catchy, cheerful music.
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